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Engine Teardown Timelapse – Video
Posted in CARS, Video on 28 June 2018
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Pretty cool timelapse of an engine teardown – you get to see all the internal parts that your mechanic usually charges you $2,000 to tell you it’s broke.  🙂 From a nice website – HOW A CAR WORKS.

Digiarty FREE WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
Posted in Video on 27 March 2013
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Digiarty Software is offering their “WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe” software free for the next week or so. You can check it out HERE.  

Timelapse 4 Hours at SD Int’l Airport
Posted in Video on 20 January 2013
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Hypnotic … Landings at San Diego Int Airport Nov 23, 2012 from Cy Kuckenbaker on Vimeo. Or old school GIF Here.

Mr. Rain Forest Frog – Another Day At the Office
Posted in Video on 20 October 2011
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Hope your day in the office is better than Mr. Frog … slithering boss and … … Missed it by that much …

Super Secret Spy Video: Metroxing Revealed!
Posted in Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Uncategorized, Video on 22 September 2011
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Who said there’s no Santa Claus!  And he’s early! That’s right!  Many Bothan squirrel-spies died to bring us this information… Oh, yes!  Now you have seen both Metro in the video flesh….we weep for your retinal dispersion fields.  Especially if you watch this oldie but goodie: So there you have it – unless the […]

New Cars Spinoff Coming Featuring Planes – Update2
Posted in CARS, Disney, Disney Pixar, Film, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, movies, Video on 13 June 2011
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UPDATE 2:  Take5 Reader “Nick” was kind enough to pass along some stills that were taken from the trailer for those that didn’t see it yet or wanted a closer look at some of the modeling going on.  Tip of the hat to ya, Nick! Can you feel the Pitty fever?   I visited one […]

Blu Ray Player Firmware Flash Upgrade
Posted in Video on 17 March 2011
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If your Blu Ray player is giving you problems with some newer discs … your machine might need a firmware upgrade. This site above is the official Blu Ray association page and has links to all the major manufacturers on how to update your machine. Some need a direct ethernet from your router, some will […]

Warner Bros. – Swap Your DVD’s for Blu Ray’s For $4.95
Posted in movies, Video on 7 March 2011
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Here’s an interesting deal from Warner Bros. – you can swap your DVD’s plus from $4.95+ for new Blu Ray DVD’s (depending on which title you choose). You do have to mail them back a DVD disc but here’s the oddity – it can be ANY DVD – it does not have to be the […]

Hey You 80’s Peeps – Take Me Home Tonight – Video Quiz
Posted in movies, Video on 5 March 2011
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Movie might not be much of anything but here’s your 1980’s pop culture quiz video – name drop spot the event or movie … and the you-know-who impression in the middle is HE-LARIOUS – seals the deal. 🙂 Note: PG-13 but not necessarily for the kids and maybe NSFW …

Disney Toons Studios: “Cars World” ‘Planes’ Home Video Release 2013
Posted in Disney, Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3, Film, Video on 18 February 2011
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CARS World – Expanded Universe expands just a little more – well in 2013 … Disney Toon Studio, the home entertainment (ie: non theatrical release) animation arm announces, “Planes.” The sky’s the limit as DisneyToon Studios proudly announces PLANES – a spectacular, full-length CG animated comedy action adventure movie for everyone set high above the […]