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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2-Pack Case 957-W Is 2024 New …

The new 2-pack case 957-W is packed full of new releases, new configurations and a few variants.

Rare to get a new 2-pack with 2 new releases so nice: Ken Enginoki & Justin Roadritter.

The Glow Racers 2-pack is part of the mainline: 2024 Glow Racer Lightning (different look than the 2023 release) and new Flow Racer Shu Todoroki.

For variant collectors, Cactus McQueen with the eyelid line and a NEW expression. Mater is the big tow variant (2023). Ramone is from COTR but just marked Ramone.

Not new re/re-releases  but the 1st time together – Will Rusch and Tim Treadless (Tim is the V2 with darker eyelids variant but out for a couple years?). M Fast Fong & Kris Revstopski look the same.

From last year, Red and the V@ of the Stanley Statue (lighter base & new sculpt, not diecast, plastic).

Together as always since 2006 first 2-pack, Lightning & Sally.

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  • RCcars5 says:

    I’m sorry, Met, but you got me dying on the floor. Those aren’t Glow Racers; they’re the new Global Racers Cup line.

    (MET: Thanks, I just saw the Big G … :-). ).

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