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How to Add An Avatar-Photo-Picture To Your Log-In

If you would like to add a photo-illustration to your log in … simply, go to:


Enter your email address.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT to use the EXACT SAME ONE WHEN registering at TakeFiveADay.com.

After you have registered at GRAVATAR and uploaded your photo-illustration-graphic, then register or sign in to TAKE FIVE using the exact same email address.

(FRONT PAGE LOG IN on right at TakeFiveADay.com).

When you LOG IN at TakeFiveADay, our plugin will search for an email match at gravatar.com – if there is a match, it will upload your “avatar,” (aka: graphic-photo-illustration that you have chosen to represent you – hence an ‘avatar.’)

Note – it can take anywhere from an hour to several hours depending on when you sign up at gravatar.com for your avatar to take affect and appear on TakeFive so don’t panic if it does not show up immediately.

We are NOT responsible and have NO control over the gravatar images uploaded other than we are a G-rated site so if gravatar accepts your image, we only allow what they allow.

You are free to log in and change your avatar image as often as you like at gravatar.