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Warning…Slow Posting Ahead
Posted in Uncategorized on 7 March 2016
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Hey all you Take5ers! Tizmanian here… Just a heads up that we will be in the aisles and the warehouses for a bit so you won’t see new content for a few days. But in the interim, here are some fighting squirrels: Have a great week! ~Tizmanian MET HERE – GMAIL still temporarily borked so […]

CARS Mad Max: Fury Road Style Fun Trailer
Posted in CARS, Film on 8 June 2015
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Welcome to Monday my little road ragin’s CARS folk! Tweet This Post

Fan Film Disney Pixar X-Wings
Posted in Film on 2 April 2015
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You gotta love the internets… Tweet This Post

Wonder Forge Game Reviews – Pictopia: Disney Edition, Star Wars Force Grab, & Star Wars Rebel Missions
Posted in boardgames, Disney on 6 December 2014
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The good folks over at Wonder Forge games provided the Tizmanian clan three games for us to play and review. We will grab them on a Take5 Carsma scale of 1 to 5 Piston Cups with 5 being the highest. The first up:  Pictopia Pictopia is a Disney themed family trivia game that also has […]

Remix of Sounds and Sights of Tokyo By Kutiman
Posted in Uncategorized on 24 October 2013
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The artist Kutiman (follow him on Twitter here) was profiled in a quick post over at the great site Laughingsquid (who also happens to offer web hosting). Old school & new school mixed thru and into sights in Tokyo. Some nice Blade Runner vibe moments in there.  I’m digging this! Enjoy Tweet This Post

Crazy update tweak causing new theme to be used for a bit
Posted in Uncategorized on 17 March 2013
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Tizmanian here: An update has caused some squirrely things to go on behind the scenes so I am using a new theme for a bit until we can determine what is going on exactly. So if you like it…awesome. If you hate it, send hate mail to Tizmanian…thank you for your patience.   Tweet This […]

Toys R Us CEO Steps Down…Sort Of
Posted in CARS, News on 15 February 2013
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According to Reuters, the CEO of Toys R Us has stepped down but will remain as Chairman. The executive in question, Gerald Storch, is a former Target exec as well. One wonders just how much the poor stocking assortments that have appeared for Cars had to do with the decision. 🙂 This quote from the […]

Disney Launching Disney Infinity Summer 2013
Posted in Disney, Internet, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS on 15 January 2013
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Worlds have collided…get a taste of what Disney is launching this summer: Wow…a part of me is like ‘whoa…’ and another is like ‘oh….’. What do you guys think? Tweet This Post

Posted in Squirrel on 16 November 2012
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Just for Friday… I think this falls into that urban lore story that may just be based on fact about how rodents need to constantly chew or their teeth will grow…yikes. I’ll blame this dude the next time our server gives us fits. Have a great weekend everyone! Tweet This Post

Cars Bellywashers Giveaway – WINNERS!
Posted in Uncategorized on 5 November 2012
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Congrats to the following two TakeFive winners in the Bellywasher juice contest: John in Mo Unixed You can read the original post here. Just drop your mailing address to Tizmanian (tizmanian(at)yahoo(dot)com) and I will get the goodies out to you! Thank you for reading and participating here on Take5! Tweet This Post