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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Ken Enginoki & Justin Roadritter 2-Pack

Coming soon, the Ken Enginoki & Justin Roadritter 2-Pack, a rare all-new releases in a 2-pack.

From the Road Rumbler CARS On the Road TV episode.

Ken Enginoki.

For a tiny diecast, it has huge length and height with its attachments.

Great details on everything.

Practical ready for solar …


Justin Roadritter.

Great rust and sand grit.

Also great on the details.


Smooth front and tread tires on the rear, nice touch.

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  • dvincent says:

    In this “Movie Moment” version, the projectile has been fired to Ken Enginoki.
    The Single version of Justin Roadritter will be a little different, the projectile is still in place and the expression different, which is a great attention to details made by Mattel.

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