Take Five A Day: The Checklist Magazines!


The numbered issues cover EVERYTHING released that year – on cards and open.


#1 Desert Art (2006)
#2 Supercharged (2007)
#3 World of CARS (2008)
#4 Race O Rama (2009)
#5 Final Lap (2009-2010)
#6 Lenticular (2009-2010)
#7 Expanded Universe (2008-2010)
#8 Ultra Collectors (2006-2011)
#9 CARS 2 Porto Corsa (2011-2012)
#10 CARS Theme 2013 (2013)
#11 CARS Theme 2014 (2014)
#12 CARS Theme 2015 (2015)

NOTE – #7 Expanded Universe is NEXT to be updated so you may want to hold off. #8 covers just the rarest releases through 2011 which may not be of interest for most people and it was completed in 2011.

The numbered issues will not be updated as it covers years that are completed.


If you are an opener collector or want all the OPEN photos together, we have three complete OPENER issues.

The Complete CARS 1 Year by Year Checklist 2006-2015
If you are collecting ONLY CARS 1 diecast, this is the checklist for you. Click on the LINK for a preview and to order.

There are 2 complete open issues, one in alphabetical order and one in year by year (chronological order). THESE WILL BE UPDATED IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS SO HOLD OFF ON ORDERING!

Complete Year by Year CARS & Expanded Universe (UPDATED to 2015!)
Complete CARS & Expanded Universe (Alphabetical) (UPDATED COMING SOON!)

You can preview all the issues here. Click on each issue and then on PREVIEW to flip through the pages.

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Click on this link to to our Magcloud page or click on the graphic below.


Once you are at MagCloud, click on each issue for a PREVIEW (sample below).

complete page

You also have the option of buying a print issue or a digital version.

I have re-photographed nearly everything with crystal clear backgrounds for clarity, there are SEPARATE checklists for openers, mint on card collectors, box sets, & playset. Each covers the 1:55 series of releases COMPLETELY, no matter how redundant – if it got released and is part of the 1:55 series, it is in there!

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Click on HERE to order and check out a Preview of all available issues.

Just order directly and they will print up an issue to send to you – secured transaction. International shipping worldwide is available now. Credit cards or Paypal.

Take Five A Day: The Book!

Of course, the book that covers the years 2006 & 2007 has been available but just a quick reminder for those who do not have it.

It covers the first two years of CARS collecting in much greater detail and is not a collection of just checklists. The book cost-per-page was that it was too costly to create all the possible checklists that the magazine can now do so – so it really the story of CARS, the diecast line – over 110 pages and over 300 high res photos of EVERYTHING released for CARS in 2006 & 2007 or from Desert Art to Supercharged to the opening salvo of World of CARS.

Volume II will eventually be available if there is interest.

Click on the graphic below to see a preview of the first pages and reviews.


Or the Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Character Encyclopedia – Written for DK Publishing. 

Or Thanks For a Donation!

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You can now donate to our site using PayPal!

You can now donate to our site using PayPal!

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  • DJ says:

    Im just wondering how much the cars are each? It wont let me click on the email link.

  • danieljkurz says:


  • Bumper Save says:

    How much does a full set of the custom team usually go for?

  • cireme1870 says:

    hello, first I’m sorry for my bad english, so Living in france, how can I do to get the Volume 1 2 & 3 of your guide checklist

    (MET: Right now, Magcloud only ships to US, Canada or the UK – sorry – hopefully Europe coming soon!).

  • Car-LessSthAfrica says:


    I’m in South Africa and the range of cars we get here, least to say, are quite pathetic. The only range we have had are the World of Cars. I’ve had to resort to ordering off Ebay 🙁

    Haulers, Launchers, Car Toons etc. are non-existent here!

    Anyway, thought I would just introduce myself and comment that I find this site extremely cool & informative although most times I read with envy the stuff you guys have available in the states!

    • carsfreak64 says:

      dont feel too bad, I usually have to order online also even though im IN the states. I never find what I want in stores anymore. So its ok! 🙂

    • aussiemiffy says:


      i am also new to this site and living in the sunny state of Queensland in Australia the shelves are barren for any of the cars that i have left in the collections that i am attempting to gather. the only way i have been able to collect any in series 1, 2, 3 or 4 is via ebay and the next step if i am unable to find the rest of my collection this way is via a few internet sites that i have found in america, the only thing holding me back is the postage and handling costs they want to charge me.

      can anyone tell me if there is such a thing as a purple ramone in the ROR mega size range, and number 12 in the ROR hauler range (don’t know his name but he is a green hauler with 82 shiny wax on the side of him) as i have been searching every where and can’t seem to find them. Hopefully someone can assist me on my quest.


      (MET: You should post in the TRADING POST your wants and needs – plus you can see what is up for sale. Hi Low Ramone has not been released and not scheduled so no need to look for it son. Shiny Wax Hauler should be out son but not out yet. Good luck!)

  • James says:

    Hey all,

    Found a Lightning McQueen, a Mater, and a Cow Tractor at a garage sale. The LMQ and Mater are metal, each about 8 inches long and 4 inches wide with hard plastic wheels that roll. The tractor is spring loaded so that when you pull back on it, it tips backwards and races forwards making a snoring sound.

    I would love to find more CARS like this, but I can’t find any of a similar scale anywhere! Does anyone know what I have and if there are more characters available?

    I have photos that I can send to help identify.

  • alchimister says:

    Hello !
    i’m a french guy, it’s the first time isend some words on this excellent web site.
    Excuse my bad english, but i will try to be ths most understable i can.
    So, i ‘am collecting cars vehicule, like most of you.
    But in my country, you won’t find all the items you can have in your country (i’m talking about the usa).
    But i’am a lucky guy, i will travel in New york this october, so i would like to know where i have to go if i want to find some disney die cast cars. I know i have to go to time square, toys’r’us’ !
    But can i easily find any other good shop where i could get somme precious cars.
    Thanks for those who will giving me some good adresses !
    Have good time !
    Men! the gold mcqueen ! i just can’t wait !

    (MET: Depending on when you show up in October – Mater Tall Tales will be out along with the “classics” line … yea, TRU in Times Square is usually stocked the best … no Targets in NYC and no WM’s … you can also coordinate to have things sent to your hotel or with friends. Good luck!).

    • Jack says:

      Hi I live in NY and get definetely have some car that you are looking for when you visit.
      Please contact me if you are interested. sijack1@aol.com

    • oliversmom says:

      Jack would be the guy for you, but if ever in Los Angeles- I will help.

      il est très agréable de vous rencontrer
      Nous avons ici grand peuple pour vous aider.