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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2023 Cards v. 2024 Cards

The 2024 cards continue the Radiator Springs Red motif though CARS On the Road has been folded into the mainline …

Interesting – the 2024 card backs should show a 2023 © date as usual for the following year of release but they either forgot or these are only non the first batch of 2024 releases.

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  • SEDEMA says:

    Greetings from SERGIO (sedema) from Italy.
    I’ve noticed that Mattel is making quite a mess with the CARS Cards.
    From 2022 with the Cards with the Red Tribune Background, and also with the Radiator Springs Peak, then with the Card on the Road Cards, inserting the characters from the Short Films
    COTR in the CARS Cards with Red Tribunes without mentioning the origin of the Film.
    I also noticed that the production date on the back of the blister pack is very early
    compared to their actual exit into the market.
    Kind regards, SEDEMA

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