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Space:1999 Blu-Ray Disc Set Giveaway Contest Winner
Posted in Contests, TV, Video on 18 December 2010
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And the winnah is:  tenchihouse ! Their contest entry was made on 2010/12/13 at 5:54 pm Their Contest Entry Favorite Sci-Fi Character was: Lady Penelope of Thunderbirds That was a bit freaky once I realized the connection to Gerry Anderson…*ooooowheeeeeoooo* Congrats to TENCHIHOUSE! Please contact Tizmanian (at tizmanian(at)takefiveaday(dot)com ) to send us your mailing address […]

Merry Christmas Take5ers!
Posted in Video on 9 December 2010
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My church in Atlanta is pretty awesome.  Last Sunday we were all treated to this: Seriously, man.  The church I grew up in was NOTHING like this and I am very happy to be a member of Northpoint Community Church.  You can check them out here. This has already made Youtube, Macworld, Gizmodo and who […]

Black Friday Shopping Today at Amazon – Blu Ray, DVD’s & Blu Ray DVD’s …
Posted in Retail, TV, Video on 25 November 2009
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Amazon LG Deal of the Day – $99 TODAY ONLY for a Profile 1.1 Blu Ray player … so you cannot access BD Live from your Blu Ray discs but if you just want a BR player for a few dollars more than the Black Friday madness … For questions about Blu Ray profiles, check […]

Man and Squirrel = Best Friends
Posted in Video on 4 September 2009
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Hey, it’s a long weekend coming up here in the good old U.S. of A.  So why not a little humor for a friday! Like this story about a Brit and his little friend: (LINK CORRECTED. Thanks, Chuki Mama!) Or this strange web video: It’s all about the squirrels! Happy Labor Day in advance […]

Pixar’s “For The Birds” Comedic Short – Fun for a rainy day
Posted in Disney Pixar, Film, Internet, Video on 2 April 2009
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Here is Pixar’s funny little short film “For the Birds” that was included on the DVD for Monsters Inc. Enjoy!

Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Tokyo Mater CARS TOONS Preview – Bolt 12/12/2008
Posted in Advertising, Apple, collecting, diecast, Film, Internet, iPhone, Marketing, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail, Toys, TV, Video, Video Games on 9 December 2008
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Added to the front of BOLT this Friday is the latest CARS TOONS short – Tokyo Mater. This will be the 4th Mater’s Tall Tales short – though the longest – almost 6 minutes long and maybe the last – at least for a while. So, for those hatin’ on Expanded Universe CAR TOONS – […]

See You at the Con! (The Comic Con)
Posted in Advertising, Checklist, collecting, comics, Film, Internet, Magazine, Marketing, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail, Toys, TV, Video, Video Games on 21 July 2008
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Here’s a schedule of things to do. Um, no way to see or do it all so pick and choose and as noted, sometimes the people in the room are not leaving so you might not get into everything. Eat lunch early or late but do not eat lunch between 11:45 and 1:15 … everyone […]

Review: Grand Theft Auto IV – Liberty Call
Posted in Advertising, Computing, Design, Film, Financial, Internet, Marketing, Media, Mobile, Retail, TV, Video, Video Games on 11 May 2008
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Sailors understand the phrase, “liberty call.” It means you are finally touching land and you have a few hours, a few days to spend all your money on souvenirs, salads and antiquing … at least that’s what it says on the official Navy website. The Grand Theft Auto IV game is completely different. You get […]

Should I Buy a Blu-Ray DVD Player Now? … Okay, How About Now?
Posted in Computing, Film, Gadgets, Internet, Marketing, Retail, TV, Video, Video Games on 1 March 2008
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People ask – Should I buy a Blu Ray DVD player now? Well, it sort of depends. If I say the words ‘firmware flash’ to you, do you? a) think I’m speaking Flemish? b) slap me for being impertinent? c) slap me on general principle? d) sob uncontrollably? e) ask if you can FTP it? […]