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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Lightning McQueen Deputy Hazard

Lightning McQueen Deputy Hazard is fun and the slime is remove-able.

It’s soft pliable plastic and it lifts off easily and holds in place with the police lights.

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  • pwschuh says:

    When you post these new releases, would it be possible to also mention which CARS movie or short they are from? Thanks.

    (MET: I’ll try and remember but the past few years, everything new is from CARS ON THE ROAD and I think they are pretty much done with every other CARS property. though they are re-releasing them with the Thai production eyelid line, called out if it seems like an updated re-release … AND they have moved ALL the lines into the mainline unlike before where Toons releases got separate cards and sometimes even a retailer exclusive – now, it’s all one big happy family).

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