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Someday in the Future, We’ll Have This Amazing Technology
Posted in Mobile on 8 February 2014
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Man, to be able to store ALL your friend’s phone numbers on one portable device! Yowza! And look, someone actually DIALING a phone! And a handheld portable mobile cellular phone! Look how tiny it is. Though I think that’s what I pay AT&T so maybe the future isn’t so great. 🙂

New Weeblets Mobile Developer Has New Free Kids App Featuring VeggieTales
Posted in Apple, iPhone, Mobile on 9 February 2012
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A cool new publisher of mobile apps for kids called Weeblets has just launched a new free app (ad supported natch) for iPhone and Android owners called Spotisodes. What the heck is a Spotisode?  Crudely put, think of it as a video-enhanced ‘Where’s Waldo?” type of game with songs.  More succinctly put, The VeggieTales Spotisode […]

TakeFive Now Optimized For Mobile – Update2
Posted in Internet, ipad, iPhone, Mobile, News on 8 December 2011
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UPDATE 2: Bingo!  I was able to toggle the drop down menu to include all of our navigation pages. What you most want to know is that YES – YOU CAN ACCESS THE FORUMS FROM MOBILE NOW! Touch / Click that triangle in the upper right hand corner and MAGIC! An expanded drop down menu […]

Angry Birds – Knock on Wood Version & Swaddle Your Baby
Posted in Design, Mobile, Toys on 15 September 2011
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During a blackout, you probably want to preserve your battery so no Angry Birds on your phone but don’t despair … Mattel has put on their thinking cap and has reverse engineered how Angry Birds works on your smartphone and as they note “now you can play Angry Birds in real life!” Let’s not tell […]

Buying a Mobile Cell Phone in America
Posted in iPhone, Mobile on 5 September 2011
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Surprise, the mobile cell phone companies try to make life as complicated as possible so here’s a quick top down look at your choices and options as you answer questions along the way. Note – this is intended as a guide for the average person, if you know your way around LTE and rooting your […]

MacX DVD Ripper Pro: Contest Ends in a Few Days
Posted in Apple Mac, Mobile on 3 March 2011
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Just a quick reminder that our MacX DVD Ripper Pro Contest ends in a few days … Enter in the COMMENTS of THIS POST (not here). But also a quick review of their other video product – MacX Video Converter Pro which converts non-DVD video files to a file formats almost too many to name […]

MacX DVD Ripper Pro: Best Way to Copy & Convert Your DVD’s in 2011 + CONTEST!
Posted in Apple Mac, Mobile, movies on 25 February 2011
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As some of you might’ve stumbled upon, most of the movie studios have updated their DVD “protection” scheme to create problems with many other DVD copying & converting software. You get an error message you don’t have enough disc space even though you have hundreds of GB’s left on your HHD or the disc takes […]

Last Days – Massive Games Sale – iTunes – iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad (Now With More Grover!)
Posted in iPhone, Mobile on 22 December 2010
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If you’re buying or gifting an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, you can set up the account early to grab these games before the sale ends. The EA games sale I think ends next week but some of the others end as early as midnight Eastern tonight so grab fast! ALL listed here are ONLY […]

Free iTunes Tracks, NFL Football & iTunes 10
Posted in Mobile, Music on 5 September 2010
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iTunes 10 is out and the big addition is the newly added PING music social network and feature … personally, I have not activated it but you don’t have to to use iTunes 10. Otherwise, it looks pretty much the same – there is a new album view setting and the columns are slightly more […]

Very Cool Drawings Of Hot Rod Cars Via A Nintendo DS
Posted in Design, Film, iPhone, Mobile on 27 May 2009
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While Cars related, it is a bit of a stretch but one worth taking a look at I think. One of the designers that works at the WETA workship in New Zealand has developed a little side project where he has created 99 hot rods (aka sleds) via some tweaked software on a Nintendo DS!  […]