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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Take Five With You Where Ever You Go!
Posted in Advertising, Books, CARS, Checklist, collecting, Design, diecast, Film, Gadgets, Internet, Magazine Checklist, Marketing, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Media, Mobile, Retail, Toys, TV on 17 May 2009
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Take Five A Day: The Magazine! You asked for it and now, you can on-demand it! Issue #1 of our magazine is available for order! 20 full-color pages devoted just to the DESERT ART series … Other than a few pages of text, the magazine is entirely comprised of full color checklists for however you […]

Hasbro Mighty Muggs: Comic Con 2008 Update
Posted in Advertising, Checklist, collecting, Film, Marketing, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Mobile, Toys, TV on 28 July 2008
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Yea, just a little bit of info at the Comic Con in regards to Mighty Muggs … so until my brain starts functioning again, how about just some photos to tide you over … Got a chance to talk to Jerry who heads up Mighty Muggs and Chris the Mighty Muggs designer – great guys […]

Apple iPhone V1 & iPhone Software 2.0 – Updating, Adding Apps & Syncing
Posted in Advertising, Apple, Apple Mac, Gadgets, Internet, iPhone, Mobile, Retail, Uncategorized on 12 July 2008
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While there might’ve been some problems for people on Thursday trying to buy, activate, load software AND sync everything – it all went pretty smoothly for me – 24 hours later on Friday. First, make sure you are running 10.4.11 for Tiger users (PPC or Intel chip) and the latest Leopard 10.5.4 (I always prefer […]

Review: Grand Theft Auto IV – Liberty Call
Posted in Advertising, Computing, Design, Film, Financial, Internet, Marketing, Media, Mobile, Retail, TV, Video, Video Games on 11 May 2008
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Sailors understand the phrase, “liberty call.” It means you are finally touching land and you have a few hours, a few days to spend all your money on souvenirs, salads and antiquing … at least that’s what it says on the official Navy website. The Grand Theft Auto IV game is completely different. You get […]

Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: eBay, the Conundrum
Posted in Advertising, collecting, Computing, Film, Internet, Marketing, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Media, Mobile, Retail, Toys, TV on 2 May 2008
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eBay is easy to hate but eBay really serves many purposes – some not so obvious. On the surface, ebay is merely a virtual auction clearinghouse where buyers and sellers come together to sell and buy goods. eBay has managed to trump most of the other online auction houses in the United States and in […]

Review: Neuros OSD MP4 Video Recorder + the Mac
Posted in Advertising, Apple Mac, Computing, Design, Film, Gadgets, Internet, iPhone, Marketing, Media, Mobile, Retail, TV on 7 April 2008
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The Neuros OSD is a deceptively simple looking device. It is a recorder that will record ANYTHING as a QUICKTIME Mp4 video file … That’s right, ANYTHING that has RCA outputs and or S-Video, the Neuros OSD can record. Cable TV Satellite TV DVD VCR TiVo DVR Video Game Screens Anything … and unlike some […]

A Million Unlocked iPhones Being Shown Off All Around the World – That’s a Tragedy?
Posted in Advertising, Apple, Computing, Design, Film, Financial, Gadgets, Internet, iPhone, Marketing, Mobile, Music, Retail, TV on 30 January 2008
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Even if the numbers of a million iPhones being unlocked are correct, that’s a MILLION iPhones walking around all over the world as FREE marketing and advertising for Apple – the most effective advertising of all – because it gives those users the cachet of doing something “not quite legal.” That they are “above the […]

Amazon Mp3 Will Affect Amazon Revenue More Than Apple’s iPod or iTunes
Posted in Apple, Film, Financial, Gadgets, Internet, iPhone, Mobile, Music, Retail, Video on 29 January 2008
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It’s pretty amazing the number of journalists who don’t look at a situation before just plowing ahead and writing words and “a conclusion.” They either choose to ignore the real world or they simply don’t understand it. Either way, it’s appalling. Yes, Amazon’s entry into the “unlocked” DRM free Mp3 market will affect Apple & […]

Hello From MacWorld 2008
Posted in Advertising, Apple, Apple Mac, Computing, Design, Gadgets, Internet, iPhone, Marketing, Media, Mobile, Music, Retail, Video on 15 January 2008
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Not actually blogging from here since we’re only #72,000 on Technorati 🙂 … there are only about 15 seats … maybe next year. Other than the keynote, there’s not much to see that’s new – I don’t think Adobe is even here. The nicest booth by far is Belkin’s … If this were in Venice, […]