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TakeFive Now Optimized For Mobile – Update2


Bingo!  I was able to toggle the drop down menu to include all of our navigation pages. What you most want to know is that YES – YOU CAN ACCESS THE FORUMS FROM MOBILE NOW!

Touch / Click that triangle in the upper right hand corner and MAGIC! An expanded drop down menu of choices. Select Forums and BOO-YAH!

We’ll keep under the hood tinkering away…

You have a choice to view the site “normal” or mobile – when you are on your smartphone, simply scroll down the bottom of the page and either toggle on or off MOBILE. Thanks!


You have an easier option of viewing either the full site or the mobile version when viewing on a mobo device.  That will make it easier if you want to hang in the forums or just fly through some content.  Sweet!

Still working on seeing how to get thumbnail images working and some other tweaks.  Will examine the Pro version as well as it takes more money to have code that optimizes for iPad users….like my co-founder Metro.

Here is a list of supported mobile devices:

Android, CUPCAKE, Googlebot-Mobile, bada, blackberry 9800, blackberry9500, blackberry9520, blackberry9530, blackberry9550, dream, iPhone, iPod, incognito, s8000, webOS, webmate

Not sure what bada is but maybe there is a BING!…heh

It took longer than we expected but we recently found a sweet little chunk of code that enables to take TakeFive mobile!

So, fire up your iPad, android thingy, or mobo device and check out TakeFive via mobile and report back any blurps you see in the comments on this thread and we’ll do our best to keep enhancing the experience.

Goin’ Mobile….

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8 December 2011 Internet, ipad, iPhone, Mobile, News 5 Comments


  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Can not seem to find the Forums on Mobile. Am I just stupid and haven’t looked hard enough or is there not a way to on Mobile?

  • quercy says:

    Just tried it using my itouch! Seems like I will post a lot more than usual. Really really well done and easy to travel from one forum to another. Way the go T5AD!!!! 🙂

  • TheCaptain says:

    Whoah! Nice work! It was quite a surprise this am, but i love the new mobile version. 100% of my T5 browsing is done on my android, so i will let you know of any glitches. Only one thing so far – forums: text is getting cut off on the right side when viewing portrait orientation. Landscape view is fine. Also, is there a link to the forums on the home page?

    TIZMANIANOk, thanks for the heads-up! That’s the kind of feedback we really need. I will check into it today and see if I can get that adjusted. There is a link to the Forums on the web home page but I presume you mean the mobile version?…Will take some hunting around so thanks for your patience! Looks good so far…and squirrel free it seems so far…

  • John in Missouri says:

    Definitely neat! (and now I’m going to play “The Who” all day today)

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