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Reading Food Labels is Fundamental …

Finally, all those years reading and that literacy thing has paid off …

Well, it’s lactose free so we know it’s not milk.

It also says it’s NON DAIRY so it’s definitely not milk.

Um, not soy or almond …

It’s chocolate water with some crushed up vitamin A & D?

I’m not even sure what kind of mascot animal that is?

But it is “rich and creamy,” – what do you add to water that makes it rich & creamy and is not anything resembling milk, almonds, or soy – what’s left?

Dare I ask?

I’m scared.

Chocolate flavor Chupacabra?

Inner sealed for freshness? Or so it can’t get out?


Remember to read before you eat or drink anything!

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9 March 2012 Food 4 Comments


  • 5oclockshadow says:

    It is amazing the things companies are allowed to put in food. I was reading the other day how they use human hair as part of the dough conditioner for most sliced breads. So pretty much every time you eat a sandwich, you are eating hair.

    Then look at the front page news these past few days. Pink slime in 70% of the ground beef in the US. Coke and Pepsi changing the percentage of some of their chemicals to avoid a ‘Cancer warning’ label.

    Then other things like petroleum in McDonald’s chicken nuggets. Growth hormones in milk. All the carcinogens like nitrates and nitrites in hot dogs, BHT and BHA in breakfast cereals, cookies, and crackers.

    It makes grocery shopping extemely difficult and expensive; but we manage to avoid most of the additives and preservatives out there.

  • cac1959 says:

    At least it’s got chocolate in it… not sure about it being delicious…

  • John in Missouri says:


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