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Ice Cream Sandwich Ottoman? Fun Stuff From
Posted in Gadgets on 1 March 2012
Stats: and 1 Comment has more fun stuff … Yep, these are all ottoman’s … They open up, of course. They also have fun Dr. Seuss t-shirts for kids. And stylish furniture for stylish kids … Sign in or sign up here at to check it out.

Travel Through Water on Blasted Water
Posted in Gadgets on 1 March 2012
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They claim you can swim like dolphins … I’m not sure smashing your face into water at top speeds is a wise thing … plus I think dolphins would stay a mile away from you … this seems more like Dr. Ock ready to battle Spidey … or Aquaman. . … Ace Ventura?  

Disney Store Autopia Car – Display Box
Posted in Disney, Disney Pixar, Disney Store on 1 March 2012
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Fun Disney Store Old School Disneyland Autopia “car” that doubles as a display box … I think for most, this was the first car we “drove.”  

Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Kmart CARS Day #8
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS 3, Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 3 on 1 March 2012
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This is essentially a repeat post but since it’s been 6 months and someone may have missed it but here is what will be offered in June 2012 for Kmart CARS Day #8. Since CARS Land is opening June 15, 2012 – presumably they will ride the marketing coat-tails and the Kmart CARS Day #8 […]

San Diego Comic Con 2012: First Steps …
Posted in collecting, Toys on 1 March 2012
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From SDCC: Because of limited space at the San Diego Convention Center, we are required to limit attendance and do not have enough badges for everyone who would like to attend the show. Unfortunately, the high demand and limited availability can make buying a badge challenging and time-consuming. Although we are working hard on our […]