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Working at LEGO …
Posted in Lego on 27 March 2012
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Psst, don’t show this to people working in salt mines, the sewage plant and your kids before they graduate college.

Fisher & Price Were Actually Real People …
Posted in Toys on 27 March 2012
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“The original founders of the toy company back in 1930 consisted of, yes, businessmen Herman Fisher and Irving Price, but also a children’s book author and illustrator named Margaret Evans Price (yes, married to Irving, so there were actually two Prices), and a toy store owner named Helen Schelle. While the businessmen were instrumental in […]

James Cameron Dives to Earth’s Deepest Spot: Desolate & Foreboding
Posted in Science on 27 March 2012
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You can read the rest at the Orlando Sentinel … James Cameron dove almost 37,000 feet and it holds mysteries only the sea will tell … The Mariana Trench is like no place on Earth but in some ways, it is …    

Comic Con Badges 2012 – More On Sale Later Today
Posted in comics on 27 March 2012
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From Comic Con. After reading this, explaining String Theory & Inception while on your head should be a piece of pie. To attend Comic Con, you not only have to be a nerd, you must be a PhD Nerd. 🙂 As you may be aware, badge sales on March 3rd did not proceed as we […]