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Breakfast Choice – Twigs Cereal
Posted in Food on 5 March 2012
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It’s weird to see something totally honest. It is what it is. Not “Scandia Granoka Crunch,” or some other pretentious name but it is what it is. Twigs. AND they also spent no time on the name of the brand – Breakfast Choice. Yep, it is what it is. Of course, this is a bargain […]

Resin Art – 3D Goldfish
Posted in Design on 5 March 2012
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Artist Riusuke Fukahori has a pretty unique style. What looks like real goldfish or even real goldfish trapped in resin is actually 3D painting done by hand. He pours in resin – then paints a layer and pours in more layers of resin and more layers of painting until it looks eerily real … (the […]

Mega Plumber – An Action Figure For Your Everyday …
Posted in Toys on 5 March 2012
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From American Standard, the home fixtures company, MEGA PLUMBER! Yep, comes with toilet accessory! When you have a chili & prune-tini house party at the dollhouse AND you invite the Thing & the Hulk, who ya gonna call? Mega plumber! He’s your #2 favorite action figure! Plus there’s a free comic book! There’s even an […]

John Carter 10-Minute Free Preview
Posted in Film on 5 March 2012
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Disney must be pretty confident that John Carter is the first big hit of 2012 ny unleashing a 10-minute clip from the film … (do I need to note SPOILER ALERT if it’s the film itself?) This is Director Andrew Stanton’s first full length live action film (previously he’s directed some animated movies you might’ve […]