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Kmart at 50: MMR Magazine Review
Posted in Financial on 26 March 2012
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From “Mass Market Retailer,” the industry trade magazine. “This is Kmart’s 50th anniversary. The first Kmart opened on March 1, 1962, in Garden City, Mich. That was the year, as well, that both Walmart and Target opened their initial discount stores.” You can read the rest here …  

The Art of LEGO Minimalism …
Posted in Lego on 26 March 2012
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Brain teasers and just plain cool fun … A few LEGO stacked together – guess who/what they are? 🙂 This is a little tougher … You can view the rest at Ignant. BRILLIANT!

Old Soviet Arcade Games: Large Mario, Zelda & Galaga Gap …
Posted in Video Games on 26 March 2012
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Looks like the West wins the Arcade Video Game arms-thumbs race …the new Museum of Soviet Arcade games … Visitors are given a cup of Soviet-minted 15 kopek pieces and set loose to explore and play the various games, whether shooting down N.A.T.O. jets or playing goalie for the Soviet hockey team, it’s the standard […]

Disney California Adventures: Virtual Radiator Springs Racers Test Ride
Posted in Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3 on 26 March 2012
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Spoiler Alert Preview … And let’s meet at Flo’s – I feel a couple quarts low … Thanks for the heads up, Tammy D.