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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Ka Ciao Lightning McQueen – Official Look

Here are the first official photos of “Ka Ciao Lightning McQueen,” coming in the next two pack with Francesco.

While the back bumper sticker is nothing to get too excited about – at least he’s gotten the one-piece all metal body upgrade …

Australia Packaging photos here.

No release date but we’ll probably get the whole feast-famine thing in the next three weeks. We’ll get this 2-pack definitely in the next shipment… along with the Mini Cooper/Airport Security – but when?

All coming in late March including oversized Deluxe + 3-packs?


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  • Tom says:

    Did Eddie Lampert take over Mattel too?

  • cac1959 says:

    I sure hope we see new Cars soon and with better case assortments than we’ve been getting… I saw and bought Chase Radiator Springs Ramone at a Carson’s store today – that’s my first new store single since Hudson Hornet Piston Cup McQueen back in November… over 3 months between singles is too long… and I’ve not seen any 2 packs newer than Fillmore/McQueen with Travel wheels in any stores.

    No sign of anything new at TRU, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, Kmart, etc…

    PS – Carson’s, Bon-Ton, and Elder Beerman are all part of the same corporation, in case that helps you search.

  • Outlawbak says:

    I’ll probably pass…another two repeats with a tiny sticker, instead of PARTY WHEELS (at least there were 4 of those) maybe worth a $1.00…this is getting really BAD!

    • John says:

      Maybe Mattel could send us a “Ka-Ciao, Francesco” bumper sticker for each Lightning McQueen we buy during March and April 2012. That could help clean out old inventory!

      I’m surprised someone hasn’t already posted bumper sticker artwork on-line somewhere… or have they? 😉

  • John says:

    Easter section of Target and Walmart is fully stocked with Easter themed Hot Wheels, Barbies, etc. Conspicuous by their absence are the Easter Cars. I think they are being held back while they try to unload more regular singles. Same stores have lots of old singles piled in the Easter area.

    • BMW says:

      Indeed, the same thing here, Cars Easter Eggs were very conspicious by their absence.
      I did see one thing Cars, there was a Cars Easter basket at Walmart full of plastic toys and crayons with a writing tablet. Not much value in it for 10.00

    • BMW says:

      The best thing to do is take a regular one piece Mcqueen that came out recently and paste a bumper sticker on it. I’m sure enterprising customizers will make the sticker graphics easily and share with the rest of us.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Most Wal-Marts have singles up front as well as 2-packs.

  • Outlawbak says:

    instead of PARTY WHEELS (at least there were 4) I’ll probably pass…another two repeats with a tiny sticker maybe worth a $1.00…this is getting really BAD!

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Australia got the 2 pack with Professor Z and Acer w/ Helmet instead of the Security Guard… so I wonder what USA is gonna get, especially since we aren’t getting the Funny Car Mater/Queen/Kimura Kaizo case until Summer.

    Mattel’s been acting very weird lately.

  • John in Missouri says:


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