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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Next 2-Packs Arrive in Australia

“Andrew” sends us great pics of the arrival of the next 2-pack in Australia.

I guess they are trying to recapture that old black magic by invoking the old name, “Movie Moments.”

Francesco looks pretty much like the other releases,we won’t know if there’s some subtle change until we get it open …

Lightning has a new expression but the upgrade 1-piece all metal body so that’s nice … the main and only real difference is the BUMPER STICKER … Ka-Ciao Lightning McQueen.

The cardback features 3-Movie Moments, one already out (Darrell Cartrip & Brent Mustanberger) … and the forthcoming Acer with Helmet.

Australia presumably gets the US cardback – same UPC – 7-46775-06930-8.

Thanks for the great pics, “Andrew!”

The next US case is/was as McQueen & Francesco, Darrell Cartrip & Brent Mustangberger + Minivan & Airport Security Guard … so will we get the original listing or Prof Z + Acer with Helmet? We probably won’t find out until March.

2012 2-pack Movie Moments checklist.

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