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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: The Q4 Planning & Buying Guide

VERSION 1.1 – September 24, 2008

In case you or your financial adviser hadn’t heard, there are going to release a literal boatload of CARS in the next three months. So plan ahead as you don’t want your CARS to fall down and crush you … and sure, any guy with a keyboard can give you a list of CARS coming but what’s the fun in that … how about a visual guide? You can print it out and and it to your two-year old … well, okay, in reality, the two-year old will fix your printer driver issues, print this out on 40-lb stock, cut them out and have you drive to the store to mix and match the shapes … Good luck ONE & ALL.

If there is no specific date for release, it’s because no one knows … these are just approximate times they should arrive in the stores back rooms. Whether they put them out in a day, a week or in two months is a guess … (or in some cases – never as the employees buys them all) … so the first listing means that’s when you might first expect to see them it’s not 100% true for every single retailer. So good luck one & all.




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