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Mattel Pixar CARS: Sidewall Shine Got Sidetracked …
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Buy 5 CARS, Get Sidewall Shine for $5 … Now shipping … Though sometimes the Mattel fulfillment warehouse pulls a funny … Heather doesn’t seem to be laughing … Though they have fessed up to the error and will be sending her the correct CARS … hopefully. Thanks for the pics, Heather …

Esquire E-Ink Cover: 21st Century 0, Recycling Police 1
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Hey, I’m all about the gimmicky … I mean, who doesn’t want candy you can reconfigure 33 different ways? For the Octover issue, Esquire mag added an e-ink element to the front cover … E-ink in theory will be cool one day, a wafer thing sheet of an LCD like screen that can be re-fresh, […]