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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Oversized Blister Line – In Warehouses

First Case Assortments:


Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp (2)
Barney Stormin’ (2)
Lightning Storm McQueen (2)

Some things to note:

Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp – now @6″ long – still NOT in relative scale to the 1:55 CARS.

Barney Stormin’ – NO size change – previous wings made of plastic, NOW METAL.

Lightning Storm McQueen – The “regular” release version. No Ransburg chrome, no top rockets, fewer lower rockets and less detailed paint. Essentially 1:55 Dinoco McQueen with rockets.

(NOTE – Photos NOT in scale to each other!)


Dinoco Helicopter (2)
Mack (cab only) (2)
Marco F/AV-18 Jet (2)

Some things to note:

Dinoco Helicopter – now more in scale from its real life counterpart (presumably the Bell 430?)

Mack – Cab portion ONLY, body mostly metal – cap and mouth expression area still plastic.

Marco – ALL METAL … there is a variant version but I do not believe Marco is a “chase” CAR with variants here in Box B … I think the variant will actually be announced and sold separately.

(NOTE – Photos NOT in scale to each other!)

Also note – this branch of the line is called the OVERSIZED BLISTER CARD line, not just the oversized line, that is a crucial designation as while the CARDS themselves are OVERSIZED, the CAR is “oversized” as in its relative scale to the other 1:55 CARS.

Of the first 6 releases, Barney, Mack & Lightning Storm McQueen are NOT considered OVERSIZED CARS! They are all in relative CORRECT scale to the other 1:55 CARS even though Maxk seems “larger,” he is in the strictest sense of the word but not oversized in SCALE … make sense? So, there’s oversized and then there’s oversized blister cards … there is a crucial difference.

For a better scale of Al Oft, here’s a comparison photo from Comic Con.

Oh and ‘in the warehouse’ means exactly that – the next step would be Mattel actually shipping/distributing it – since it looks like it’s getting to WM at the end of October, it’s unknown if everyone else will get it then or if WM will be served first but it looks like we are no more than about 6 weeks or so from seeing them on the shelves …

Here are some card photos – not my photos but used with permission.

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