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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: World of CARS Numbering & Final Count?

We have updated the WM CASE W post to reflect the new ‘leaked’ info. What’s interesting is there was a list once of CARS to be released – it was not a very organized list so it wasn’t as if I could just copy and print it – but rather it had to be pieced together by matching info from different pages and dates and there were a bunch of CARS left over. Plus with knowing that card designs & motifs were changing, it was hard to gauge when the actual switchover would begin. Since there was nothing definite and while Kmart & Wal-mart for end of 2008 were mentioned, there was nothing actually linked together … basically, it was hard to say how accurate the list was but now maybe in almost hindsight, it was pretty accurate … especially when you match it up with the TRU promo list of CARS that were eligible for the promotions?

What was on that Mattel list that was scheduled (and that we haven’t seen)?

Ron Hover (helicopter reporter)
Jerry Drivetrain (Tank Coat Pitty)
RPM Crew Chief
Hugo Fast (Nitroade Pitty)
Kori Turbowitz
Sally Cone
Dexter Hoover
Spinout Lightning McQueen

Besides the CARS coming this week in CASE T, what’s on the “TRU Eligible list” –
along with UPC & product number?

027084 59332 7       M5259 CARS KORI TURBOWITZ

027084 59978 7       M6113 CARS RON HOVER

027084 59979 4       M6114 CARS SPIN OUT LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 59990 9       M6125 CARS DEXTER HOOVER

027084 64142 4       N0929 CARS SALUTING SARGE

027084 65484 4       N2483 CARS TANK COAT PITTY

027084 65485 1       N2484 CARS NITROADE PITTY

027084 65490 5       N2489 CARS CHIEF RPM

027084 65491 2       N2490 CARS SALLY WITH CONE

The ONLY difference between the two lists is Salutin’ Sarge.

Sally Cone, Dexter Hoover & Spinout Lightning McQueen (then called Tires McQueen) seem almost certain for CASE W, what else is in the case? Will it be a WM 8 like last year – so we know three are pretty much confirmed and since Nitroade Pitty has been assigned a name and #, we can probably presume he’s #4 … leaving us conveniently 4 REMAINING CARS?

Ron Hover (helicopter reporter)
Tank Coat Pitty
RPM Crew Chief
Hugo Fast (Nitroade Pitty)
Kori Turbowitz
Sally Cone
Dexter Hoover
Spinout Lightning McQueen

So, this is our WM 8 for 2008? Seems a pretty solid guess since it would seem odd now to bring out Salutin’ Sarge and not regular Sarge back first.

Before anyone panics, keep in mind this year, the WM 8 are NOT REAL EXCLUSIVES. They are first-to-ship exclusives which means WM will get them first and they will be available later at other retailers later – when? That’s the unknown.

So, there you go – the new best guess as to what’s in CASE W. Don’t forget to read the post for the endcap configuration.

And yes, Kori was a WM exclusive last year and who knows, just like the Blimp was in WM exclusive M case (first to WM – same scenario) plus Kori is scheduled as a MM two-pack though MM’s packing details are up in the air now. So, it would be an early ship exclusive but not really exclusive (again).


#01 Lightning McQueen
#02 Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen
#03 Dirt Track Lightning McQueen
#04 Cruisin’ Lightning McQueen
#05 Dinoco Lightning McQueen
#06 Cactus Lightning McQueen
#07 Bug Mouth Lightning McQueen
#08 Bling Bling Lightning McQueen
#09 Tongue Lightning McQueen
#10 Fabulous Hudson Hornet
#11 Doc Hudson
#12 Yellow Ramone
#13 Hydrolic Ramone
#14 Ghostlight Ramone
#15 Lightning Ramone
#16 Purple Ramone
#17 Green Ramone
#18 Old School Ramone
#19 Brand New Mater
#20 Mater
#21 Ferrari F430
#22 Mario Andretti
#23 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
#24 Chick Hicks
#25 Stacy (Leak Less Pitty)
#26 Dinoco Chick Hicks
#27 Dinoco Helicopter
#28 Leroy Traffik
#29 Tex Dinoco
#31 Kathy Copter
#32 Petrol Pulaski (RPM Pitty)
#33 Pit Crew Member Fabulous Hudson Hornet
#34 Pit Crew Member Guido
#35 Lightning McQueen with Bumper Stickers
#36 Spin Out Lightning McQueen
#37 Pit Crew Member Fillmore
#38 Fillmore
#39 Hamm
#40 Boost
#41 RPM
#42 Bob Cutlass
#43 Darrell Cartrip
#44 Fred
#45 Yeti
#46 Sheriff
#47 The King
#48 Sally
#49 Leak Less
#50 Nitroade
#51 Lizzie
#52 DJ
#53 Wingo
#54 Snot Rod
#55 My Name’s Not Chuck
#56 Tow
#57 Race Official Tom
#58 Axel Accelerator
#59 Chuki
#60 Roman Dunes (No Stall Chief)
#61 Van
#62 Luke Pettlework (Dinoco Pitty)
#63 Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp
#64 Hugo Fast (Nitroade Pitty)
#65 Charlie Checker
#66 Tar Lightning McQueen
#67 Fred with Bumper Stickers
#68 Dudley Spare (Octane Gain Pitty)
#70 Sally with Cone
#71 Dexter Hoover (Yellow Flag)
#72 Edwin Kranks
#73 Impound Lightning McQueen

XXX Jerry Drivechain (Tank Coat Pitty)
XXX RPM Crew Chief

#109 Night Vision Lightning McQueen
#111 CARS TOONS Rescue Squad Mater
#112 CARS TOONS Burnt Lightning McQueen
#113 CARS TOONS Dr. Mater
#114 CARS TOONS Nurse Mia
#115 CARS TOONS Nurse Tia

Thanks “Rich” & “Matt of GA” for filling in the gaps.

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