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The End: Your Movie Quiz
Posted in Film on 15 September 2011
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From these final scenes, can you guess the movie … some are just a little easier than others … From Where the Lovely Things Are. Another quiz here … … from the TUMBLR BLOG, Final Images – which is a showcase of the Final Scene (though captioned so not much guessing)  

Star Wars Blu Ray: Different as SelectVision CED is to Blu Ray
Posted in Film on 14 September 2011
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Star Wars is finally coming out on Blu Ray … Here’s a shock, more changes! Yes, these are not the Star Wars you are looking for? New York magazine reports that “Episode I: The Phantom Menace has perhaps the most significant change: The puppet Yoda that was originally in the film has been replaced by […]

Star Wars – More Fun Original Art Movie Posters (Original Trilogy)
Posted in Advertising, Film on 13 September 2011
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You can find links to larger versions of artist Andy Helms’ to download as a wallpaper for your smartphone at “Lucky Onion, Latent Spider.“

Nike Mag – Back to the Future Marty McFly Nike’s Auction
Posted in Design, Film on 11 September 2011
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For Michael’s J. Fox’s Parkinson’s Research (The MJF Foundation), Nike mas made 1,500 of these to auction off everyday,   From Back to the Future … a 2011 interpretation … Most of the auctions are around $3-$5k right now… I’m guessing they will end around $10k a pair? So bid early and often … it’s […]

Disney Pixar CARS 2 Blu Ray & DVD Pre Order + Options
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS 3, Film on 7 September 2011
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The CARS 2 Blu Ray + DVD options just grew even larger. First, the MASSIVE Director’s Edition – this 8-DISC set also comes with a diecast, “John Lassetire.” Available at Amazon or at Walmart (with free shipping offer). Both @$79.99 – Amazon is currently offering $7 off if you buy another Pixar BR-DVD set.   […]

Disney Pixar: Shorts, Toons and Film Recap Announcements
Posted in Disney, Disney Pixar, Film on 28 August 2011
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Extras on the Blu-Ray DVD Combo Pack include: “Scenes Composition” (preview) Mater Tall Tale Short: Air Mater Coming to Blu Ray-DVD on November 1st – Check our previous post on ALL the bonus features and the John Lassetire CAR included. Coming in 2013 to Blu Ray-DVD, Disney Toon Studios – PLANES … Announced at D23 […]

Disney Pixar CARS 2: $270 Million Worldwide – 3 Weeks
Posted in Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3, Film on 12 July 2011
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CARS 2 is at $148 million US/Canada through Sunday night – Yesterday, it passed $150 million, only the 8th film of the year to do $150 million US/CAN … um, the the last Harry Potter film will obviously pass that in a few days … Add in international of $120 million, it stands at $270 […]

Time Ranks The Top 25 Animated Films Of All Time – And Gets The List Really Wrong
Posted in Film on 29 June 2011
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So the TIME Senior Movie Critic, Richard Corliss, thinks he can pass of a Top 25 list of Animated Films of all time and not have CARS on that list? Well, I imagine the folks here at Take5 might take umbrage with that fact.  But beyond parochial leanings from this perch, there are some really […]

Disney Pixar CARS 2: Movie Review & Your Reviews …
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS 3, Film on 24 June 2011
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The embargo is over! As is the 4 year, 264 day wait on CARS 2. CARS 2 is DAZZLING. It is just an amazing showcase of sheer artistry. It is more real than most movies shot in the street with on-screen actors, “real” cinematography & “real” art direction. That is the only problem – it’s […]

New Cars Spinoff Coming Featuring Planes – Update2
Posted in CARS, Disney, Disney Pixar, Film, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, movies, Video on 13 June 2011
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UPDATE 2:  Take5 Reader “Nick” was kind enough to pass along some stills that were taken from the trailer for those that didn’t see it yet or wanted a closer look at some of the modeling going on.  Tip of the hat to ya, Nick! Can you feel the Pitty fever?   I visited one […]