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Star Wars Blu Ray: Different as SelectVision CED is to Blu Ray

Star Wars is finally coming out on Blu Ray … Here’s a shock, more changes! Yes, these are not the Star Wars you are looking for?

New York magazine reports that “Episode I: The Phantom Menace has perhaps the most significant change: The puppet Yoda that was originally in the film has been replaced by a CG version, to better reflect the Yoda of Episode II and III. You can check out the result and compare it to the original version below, but rest assured that the puppet Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi remains intact.”



This is not a huge deal as he was a puppet to begin with so a CGI in place of him is not biggie but this one is a puzzler … (from the NY Times) … YES DIALOGUE CHANGE …

” …in a climactic scene from “Return of the Jedi,” when Darth Vader hurls the evil Emperor to his demise on the Death Star, he would now shout “No!” (In all previous versions of “Jedi,” Vader has committed this crucial deed in silence.)”

Besides the obvious of messing with a classic, what does this add? please explain. Maybe I need to watch it again. 🙂

And yes, apparently Ben Kenobi has risen from the grave to make this new sound …

Okay, the original was not a scary sound but this new sound? I think the Sand People would say, “That Sonic Loudspeaker feedback is really annoying.” So that is the BEST a BILLION dollar Lucas Sound Studio can come up with? Can’t Ben as a Jedi pretty much reach into your being and create a low frequency rumble that is scares you to the core versus a guy setting on a synthesizer?

Another edition – apparently the Ewoks blink now …

But hey, don’t let me stop you from buying the new set from Amazon (we make a couple bucks so please order 100! 🙂 )

Click on graphics for buying link.

Star Wars

Nothing but Star Wars

Give me those Star Wars

Don’t let the different versions releases ever end!

Star Wars

Nothing but Star Wars

Give me those Star Wars

Old School!

Here’s something we can all agree on though …

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