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Every Steve Jobs Online Video Gathered Together …
Posted in Apple, History, Internet on 18 February 2012
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Every Steve Jobs video that is available online is gathered by on one page …

New Weeblets Mobile Developer Has New Free Kids App Featuring VeggieTales
Posted in Apple, iPhone, Mobile on 9 February 2012
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A cool new publisher of mobile apps for kids called Weeblets has just launched a new free app (ad supported natch) for iPhone and Android owners called Spotisodes. What the heck is a Spotisode?  Crudely put, think of it as a video-enhanced ‘Where’s Waldo?” type of game with songs.  More succinctly put, The VeggieTales Spotisode […]

How to Reset Your Apple ID Password
Posted in Apple, Internet on 29 January 2012
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In today’s time, it’s a good idea to reset your password to something besides ‘password123.’ It’s pretty easy to hijack all your other sign ins especially if you use the same passwords. So, if you need to or want to reset your password – go here. BTW, your AppleID covers a lot of ground.  

Outsourcing – More Complex Than Catchphrase
Posted in Apple, Design on 23 January 2012
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Obviously, on the surface, no one is against not preserving American jobs or better yet, not preserving high paying American jobs but beyond the catchphrase or politicspeak, it is a whole new world out there … An interesting & insightful NY Times article on the business of business when it comes to outsourcing manufacturing and/or […]

Steve Jobs Action Figure with Accessories
Posted in Apple, Toys on 10 January 2012
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Inicons is selling a 12″ ‘action figure” of Steve Jobs – it’s a spooky realistic sculpt … It comes with accessories including extra hands, of course … It’s not cheap at $99 but in line with costs of other 12″ figures with accessories and a high end quality sculpt … While Apple is not very […]

How to Activate “Find My iPhone” So It’s Ready To Use
Posted in Apple, IOS, ipad, iPhone on 8 January 2012
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While the FIND MY IPHONE feature is a cool feature, to actually access it or use it when you need to find your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad – you need to set it and turn it on. First, you need to download the APP. It’s FREE. And while it’s called FIND MY IPHONE, it’s […]

TJ Maxx – iPads $100 Off – $399 Limited to 15-25 Per Store
Posted in Apple, ipad on 3 December 2011
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9to5 Mac is reporting that TJ Maxx will again offer iPads at $399 – $100 off, pretty much the largest cash discount on an regular priced iPad. I’m also presuming when they say iPad, they mean the iPad 2 as the original iPad is no longer available in quantity but if you’re going down to […]

Desert Bus: Video Game Drive From Tucson To Vegas in Real Time
Posted in Apple, IOS, ipad, iPhone on 2 December 2011
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In the 1990’s, apprently there was going to be a Sega CD game release of mini games from the warped minds of Penn & Teller called, “Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors.” It never got released but one mini game, Desert Bus escaped out … You drive a bus from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, […]

IOS 5 – How to Make Custom SMS Text, & Twitter Ringtones
Posted in Apple, Design on 18 October 2011
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Now that the iPad, iPad2 and iPod Touch have joined the iMessage family – and that Twitter has become a firm third party addition to the iOS5 family, there are suddenly a bunch more “ringtone” opportunities for text, mail, reminders, twitter, alerts, etc, etc … and while Apple gives you a bevy (more than 30 […]

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011
Posted in Apple on 5 October 2011
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