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Steve Jobs Action Figure with Accessories

Inicons is selling a 12″ ‘action figure” of Steve Jobs – it’s a spooky realistic sculpt …

It comes with accessories including extra hands, of course …

It’s not cheap at $99 but in line with costs of other 12″ figures with accessories and a high end quality sculpt …

While Apple is not very happy about this (the main reason there is no tiny iPod, iPhone or iPad as that would definitely encroach on Apple’s trademarks), in 38 states, once you have passed on, your rights/likeness copyright is no longer protected.

According to a PaidContent.org article – there are 12 states in which your likeness is protected after death, “The Steve Jobs doll will be off-limits in the following states: Indiana, Illinois, Texas, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, California, Ohio, Virginia, Washington, New Jersey, Nevada, Nebraska, Kentucky, Tennessee and Oklahoma.”

You can read the full article here.

Thanks for the heads up, “John H.”

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10 January 2012 Apple, Toys 2 Comments


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