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Desert Bus: Video Game Drive From Tucson To Vegas in Real Time

In the 1990’s, apprently there was going to be a Sega CD game release of mini games from the warped minds of Penn & Teller called, “Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors.” It never got released but one mini game, Desert Bus escaped out …

You drive a bus from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada… in real time. This takes 8 real world hours, and since the game can’t be paused, the trip must be completed in one sitting. For this, you receive… one point. Then, you’re given the option to drive back to Tucson, which takes another 8 hours, and you get another point! You can keep going like this as long as you’re able to, until you reach the maximum 99 point limit. Which would take about 41 actual days of non-stop virtual driving. Oh, and the bus veers to the right and off the road – which you are towed back to Tucson in REAL TIME to start over if you stop paying attention so eyes on the road and hands on the 10-2 position! 🙂

But it gets better – a bunch of people have gotten to raise money for charity by donations while they drive the bus. You can check it out here.

AND now you can play at home by buying the iOS app for your iphone, ipad & ipod touch … Desert Bus.


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2 December 2011 Apple, IOS, ipad, iPhone 6 Comments


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