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Metty Answers Your Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Questions That Matty Doesn’t Answer

TakeFive MC

A few days ago, we asked readers if they had questions about CARS & PLANES. WE have answers!

When will the cancelled released released along with the unreleased diecasts?

I’m not exactly sure I understand the question – are you asking when will canceled-delayed CARS get released? That’s the great unknown. Production tends to get sidetracked at the end of the year when they are ready to start the next series. If they haven’t begun production, even if packaging is done, they tend to scrap it to save a few bucks and move that “savings” to the next year production which means since this CAR is not technically scheduled anymore, it can get lost in the shuffle as most people in the toy industry have short term memory loss syndrome … that’s why if something gets canceled – it can take 2 years or more because the next years schedule is locked in place and it takes a few years before they remember they forgot to ACTUALLY produce those … and in most properties, production usually stops after a few years so many collectors lose out but at least with CARS, it’s forever … for example, I’ll take credit for getting RT versions of Lightning, Chick and King added to the last CARS 1 KM RT Day … they thought they were released already.

What are your top 5 favorite Cars?

Personally? After all this time, I gotta say my #1 is still original Lightning McQueen. No matter how many re-releases and guises he comes in – he still looks great. Pizza Planet Todd is my second favorite – it’s too bad they never released the light-up version. I think Ferrari Fan Luigi is great, he’s hilarious with the hair – I would like more CARS with removable hats/hair … I think 4th is a tie with about 600 other CARS? 🙂 Other than the poor design out of scale CARS, love ’em all.

What are the top five rarest, commercially released Cars? (As in, at one time you could actually buy them in a store.)

I would say it’s Dirt Track Doc Hudson, Bubba, Laverne, Sheila & Rhonda (Showstoppers) and probably whatever was in that last Final Lap case …

Why are so many Cars out of scale?

Well, I think they fall under 3 camps – the ECONOMIC TRADEOFF, the SCREENSHOT ANOMALY and IDIOTIC DESIGNER reasons.

Economic Tradeoff is mostly excusable – for instance, the Paris Bus, Emmanuel. If he was all metal and in scale, most diecast companies would have to sell it for $19.99 and Mattel with it’s giant overhead, probably $44.99 … clearly crimping sales … so at his size with an metal diecast body for $6.99 (unless you shop at TRU, who sells it for $11.49 and makes that extra $5) is not a perfect solution but an acceptable and understandable one. Of course, we would probably be willing to pay $24.99 for an scale all-metal one but that out-of-the-box thinking is beyond the ken of Mattel – as they’d have to create a new SKU and then rack their brain to come up with other diecasts in the truly mega scale … as if a typical CAR collector couldn’t name a bunch of other truly mega scale CARS we’d buy but then again, if you care about CARS, Mattel would assign you to Polly Pockets. 🙂 This also works the other way as sometimes they feel the more correct-actual size might make it too small and give it a poor perceived price value so they actually upsize it (plus detailing a smaller object is more expensive) which actually annoys collectors.

The Screenshot Anomaly excuse is also partially excusable. If you don’t know the films backwards and forwards, when you look at a screenshot on its own without any other CARS, it is hard to tell scale. For instance the first release of FRED. In his “dancing” scene at the end of CARS 1, he fills that scene and without any other CARS, he could be like an American auto from the 1950’s – massive amounts of sheetmetal and square but if you look back at his scene with Mario Andretti, it’s then easier to tell he’s closer to an obscure American “mini” sedan from the 1950’s (like the Metro) … but at least they went back and fixed Fred. As for others, it requires a little more diligence to get it right but it’s partially excusable – and sometimes it’s combined with the first excuse. A good example is the YETI SNOWPLOW … while we presume he’s HUGE like the so-called real Yeti or the one in MONSTERS, INC. but in the CARS film parody scene, he only appears in scenes by himself standing opposite Mike & Sulley so there’s no absolute sense how big he’s supposed to be …

The last one is the worst because it’s a idiocy combined with stupidity and layered with laziness. Bottom line, if you don’t know what a current Mini Cooper, ’67 Mustang, ’64 Jaguar E-Type look like – just to name a few – you NEED to know what these iconic autos looks like in comparison to other autos on the road because if you don’t, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS designing diecasts CARS. It’d be like being a film critic and saying you’ll get around to watching THE GODFATHER, CASABLANCA or STAR WARS … It’s also stupidity and laziness as clearly someone hired this idiot and then approved their “renditions” as “good enough,” and in the case of some of the scale/design abominations, the thinking is apparently what’s done is done – we don’t care that much. Fortunately it’s only a small percentage but still … it’s a prolonged fingernail scratch on the blackboard of CARS.

 When will Mattel finally find someone with an actual brain in their head? I’m still trying to complete my collection from EIGHT YEARS AGO. For example, all Pit Crews (Haulers, Chiefs, Pitty’s, Launchers).

If I could explain Mattel’s logic and processes, I’d be a genetic clone of Einstein & Nostradamus. Remember that cruise ship captain who decided to change course to wave at his girlfriend? That guy is piloting the SS CARS – full steam ahead – never mind logic or the looming shoreline.

BTW, they think I’m crazy to even suggest that things might be improved … things are 100% perfect, right? How dare you suggest that …

When will the 2014 poster be released?

I asked if there is one.

Will a Kabuto w/ Flames be released? Other than the back door ones?

You would think so, we got a flurry of 6 CARS with Flames in 4 months but I think they forgot about Kabuto.

Will there be more Toon releases of “new” characters? Not re-releases. The Hubcaps, Seniorita Mia & Tia, Mater P.I., a TON of pitty characters from the toons. The Easter Buggy, Reindeer Sleds. NEW, NEW, NEW!

I seem to be missing the wee little Volkswagon car with wings. This little guy was seen several times throughout the original movie yet has not been seen since. Can you please tell me if/when we might be seein’ the little bugger?

Well, the RS 500½ Road Rally CARS are coming – the Reindeer Pitty’s get listed and then nothing so it’s hard to tell what’s going on next or when “missing” diecasts will appear  – while 2013 turned out to be pretty good, 2014 looks like most all the attention will be on PLANES FIRE & RESCUE … the Captain is steaming the SS CARS ship at full speed toward the shoreline.

When is the next wave of Neons going to show up at my Target?

I understand the Neon Racers distribution as well as everything else that is going on with CARS. Is it ¼ and done? Is it in pause? Did some stores jump the gun? It’s hard to answer if there’s a 2nd wave when as far as I can tell, around me, there was not a 1st wave … yep, we get a 2nd wave of Stunt Racers who seem to have a sell through rate of 5% but Neon Racers is done even though it’s a sellout?

Rip Clutchgoneski question(S):
Will we ever see his Pit Crew Chief and Pitty (ies)?
If so what are their names?
Just how rare is the Pit Stop Launcher?
Where is the infamous Republic of Rearendia located?
Will we ever see Synthetic Rubber Tires, Silver, Metallic Finish Rip?
I know KM is done…any takers WM, Target,TRU,Kohl’s…any retailer?
…lights are on…anybody home Mattel?

The easy one is that Rearendia is European Colony so presumably, it’s in the Eastern part that threw off the shackles of CARMUNISM … hopefully, they’re not on the Eastern side of the Ukraine. I have not studied every screenshot but someone has mentioned a crew chief and a Pitty – though I would not hold your breath. :-/

I could see a sprinkling of RT Rip’s or a Silver one as a Chase/Super Chase (the color metallic one came out in the last KM case).

When you ask about the launcher, are you asking about the Rip launcher that only came out in Europe? I don’t think a lot of product gets overshipped to Europe so I presume there weren’t a lot available? I guess our European collectors can better answer that … but that launcher design is dead – the current one is the one with a plastic Pitty.

Here’s my reasoning as to why there’s no obvious 2nd retailer to take the place of KM and CARS Day … people have mentioned TRU hosting other events but they are either for high margin items (video games) or companies with some serious marketing dollars to throw at TRU – not the situation with CARS unless it’s for CARS 3 … so if Kmart lasts until CARS 3 (2018?) … check back then.

1) What are some good places to find Disney Cars diecasts? (Other than Walmart, Target, TRU, and Kmart) … Besides the internet, where could I find older cars such as releases from the Final Lap Collection?

The current retail situation is certainly odd. If you live in a good area, you should be able to find CARS at those retailers above but if you live in other areas, those retailers might not be very helpful (the Big 3 around me stock CARS every few months – Kmart is open but not for CARS) … so if the retail situation around you is poor (or requires you to visit 20 stores a day), there are several options. You can try buying/trading/listing your needs on our forum (free), if you’re interested in filling in from the first 7 years of CARS, you can try searching on eBay for open lots – some collectors may be selling off their open collection (double check if you want nice display ones versus ones played with. 🙂 If you’re interested in buying cases, be sure and check out Children’sToyCloset – especially if you want collect Super Chases, cheaper just to buy an entire case. As we’re moving towards summer, you might check out local toy shows, comic cons or swap meets – though keep in mind toy shows and comic cons have an admissions charge and unless you’ve been to the show, it’s hard to tell how many dealers are there and how many might have CARS … or at the right price? But hey, that’s the fun in collecting – if it were easy, what’s the point, right?

2) What are the top 5 places that you shop for your cars?

Well, I do go to Target, WM and TRU but around me, I shake my head and walk out with gum, Cheez-It and Ice Cream … er, when I say walk out, I do pay for my purchases, just to be clear. I only shoplift at the Qwik-e-Mart, Gimbel’s and KB Toys. 🙂 So, in my case, it’s the T5 forum, eBay or CTC. Good luck!

3) Do you think that cars such as Bessie or Brian Parks will ever be re-released?

Well, there’s no real reason they won’t be but they are not on any present lists but that doesn’t mean of anything. For instance, non of the WM Toons are on any list (well, the 3-packs were listed as 3-Pack #1, #2, etc ,,,) but no clue as to what they were – the deluxe wrestling CARS? Not listed at all so anything is possible. Again, part of collecting – the age-old question of do-I-buy today, wait it out or regret not making a decision today … or of course, regret making a decision today. And that applies whether it’s new or you’re filling in your collection … everyone has their price point … people have paid nearly $180 for 2 Toon Pitty’s just as people pay $50 for one of Wedding Day Lizzie or Stanley when someone can buy the set at Disneyland for them for about the same price – the ONLY important thing is to have fun.

(BTW, TakeFive Racer custom created by Nathan Binns – thanks Nathan –  anyone know where Nathan is?)

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31 March 2014 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 10 Comments


  • SEDEMA says:

    In my opinion, 5 models of Cars more Rare I prefer are:
    Mac Icar (Apple # 84), Bubba, Bessie, Dale Earnhardt Jr. (1st Version MSOS),
    Blu Ray Lightning McQueen.
    Just one more step down, Showstoppers Sheila, Rhonda & Laverne,
    Cousins Jud, Buford & Cletus.
    Thanks SEDEMA

  • thebreezz says:

    I remember that post. So the 1st International Card release of Chuck “choke”Cables is a two piece body & the new 2014 Themes release is a one piece body unless it is just the tempo covering the two-piece seam.
    As for the Sarge & Fillmore movie moments. Do we agree that thier is a low flat blister & a high set blister ?
    So all of the 2 Pks are recalls except none of them were sent back and all are lead base paint or no lead base were ever made . So if the one on eBay that is saying that his movie moments is a lead paint one it would truly be Rare. Like one of a kind. ?

    (MET: I only have the low position Sarge/Fillmore – I know there were multiple position on the MM cards but I did not pay too much attention to them. As for the Sarge recall, stores were required to pull them but consumers could either mail the card Or open Sarge back for a refund … I still have my unopened Sarge single and MM 2-pack as I presume most ADULT collectors did not send them back … my open Sarge is also a recalled one but then since i do not lick my CARS (well, not anymore 🙂 ), I was not too concerned – while those with smaller kids who might put CARS in their mouths should either have returned the Sarge or put it on a high shelf, for adult collectors, it was not a major deal … I presumed most non-kids HH collectors did not bother to mail it back).

  • Cars4AandR says:

    Would El Materdor fall in the 5 hardest to buy?…or because it is an Intl. release only it does not count.
    BTW will we him Again?
    On my Rip Question I was referring to the Old Launcher versions.
    Thanks Met for this Q & A…enjoyed it!
    P.S. my 5 favorites:
    Race Damaged Mood Springs
    T. Twostroke,
    Leroy Traffik and

    (MET: Yea, I do not really count the limited non-US releases as official releases … yea, sometimes those that fall off the list are forgotten – but hopefully as Toons show up at WM, more are coming …).

  • thebreezz says:

    I thought I was complete on my Supercharged series Movie Moments 2pk when I got International Card Flea & Flick with the U.S. name plate, but yesterday I saw a Sarge & Fillmore priced at $3500.00 . Now not that it is or isn’t worth that is all up to ??? Well I contacted the seller & you tell me it is the one that has the recall ed Sarge. I was totally wowed? Can you explain? I have two Sarge & Fillmore 2pk 1) has the cars sitting low in the blister like on the road. 2) The other has the cars up high in the blister like they are in the air. I feel this is a true verient in the example of that set. Like Flo & Ramone one faces to one side & the other they face each other. Now if I if I throw in Recall None Recall I might be looking for 4 total examples of that 2pk. Any thoughts?
    Also I finally got the 1st International Card release of Chuck “choke”Cables & as I com paired the new 2014 Themes. I saw that the 1st International one has a two-piece body & the front part is a shade lighter kind of like the time McQueen was released with two different color nose piece. The NEW 2014 THEMES has a one piece body. Can you explain if I am seeing things or am I on to something New or different. THANKS Thebreezz

    (MET: There are no non-recall Sarge-Fillmore SC MM 2-packs that i’m aware of. All SC Sarge’s were recalled, as singles, 2-packs and box sets (though most box sets had sold out by the time the recall was issued). In fact, you can relive that day as a T5 reader. 🙂 Yep, we’ve been writing about diecast CARS since 1837 – the first 150 years were kind of dull.

    That is weird about Chuck Choke Cables as the first int’l card pics did look like a “unibody,” Though anytime is possible …. here’s the original release of Chuck on an int’l card way back when … as a segmented CAR – if you want to send some pics – also see if you find the production date stamp).

  • Jinzo says:

    So basically what they are saying is that Cars Neon is pretty much done deal. There might a small chance of a 2nd wave popping out but it’s very small. Crappy Distribution of Neon series. Very limited print for the Cars Neon to what I gather. 2 out of 4 of my stores didn’t even get singles in and some didn’t even get the four pack. Get them while you can I guess…

    (MET: Like locusts, we don’t know if it’s dead, a small infestation will follow or a hoard so large it’ll put Sub Finn stock to shame …).

  • GotFrank says:

    Come on now. Ferrari Fan Guido wears the tri-color afro wig, not Luigi.

  • brianmc4745 says:

    I am concerned about the comment, ” the Captain is steaming the SS CARS ship at full speed toward the shoreline.” Does this mean that cars are coming to an end???

    (MET: No, like any ship that crashes, they patch it up and send it back out … the Exxon Valdez is still out there).

  • Tom says:

    Good article, thanks Met!

  • jborgman says:

    In response to the question about the best place to find cars, sometimes it’s best to think outside the box. Over the past several months, I found Yukio, Hiroaki and Takeshi at BJ’s wholesale club hanging on a strip in the toy aisle. Also, yesterday, Cars were listed in the Aldi ad and i found a Trike Feldman and a Magen Carrar in the assortment.

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