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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Neon Racers Yellow Flag?

Is the Neon Racers strange distribution due to the 2-pack coming to SDCC 2014?


The Neon Racers seem to the first flanker brand success for the CARS line in a long time – yet, Target stores seem to have gotten ONE shipment and in most stores, they seem to have sold out – I don’t think most stores received any singles – did yours? The weird thing is it seems to be a serious all out effort – with a book published (I haven’t seen the book available at my Targets either) so it’s not just a random effort like Stunt Racers.


So, did some stores jump the gun? But that doesn’t really make sense either as the book was available in some places also … plus does a Ransburg version of Shu & Lightning at SDCC 2014 really make you want to buy these or not buy these?


But I guess that’s nothing new in regards to this line.

Thanks for the nice photos of your collection, “John H.”

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