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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Mini Playsets (Fall 2008)

Ya, I hear you – where are the playsets for the regular 1:55 CARS? Nothing really yet but we have another MINI playset to add to the list and it looks dangerous to glass objects, taking out your eye and any household birds who will might soon be pinning for the fjords after this set is open …

Looks innocuous … how dangerous to a Ming vase can a cute MINI playset fire station be?

Launcher ramp? CHECK

Flame ring? CHECK

Loop De Loop Through Flames? CHECK

Set Up Near Stairwell Corner – Perfect for mom with dinner casserole & dad with bucket of hot glue and two pillowcases? (What, your life is not a sitcom?)


What out for THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! …

Of course, already shown at the the last two toy shows plus I think Wheel Well is out in Australia already?

Though not technically a playset, TREV is pretty much a rolling playset.

Of course, our visual checklist for everything release so far is HERE.

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