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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Mini Adventures Cars & Trailers Assortment

Again, unsure of when they will arrive but here are the first two assortments – it looks like there will be three of each of the 4 “Mini’s in Motion” for a case total of 12.

Here’s a sampling of what the card will look like …

The trailers have a pull-back feature. The first assortment is: Crusin’ McQueen, Red (Fire Engine), Ramone-Purple & Sarge.

The second case assortment will be Chick Hicks, Dinoco McQueen, King & Mater (Fire Department).

Comic Con Roundup & more MINI Pics HERE.

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  • jammywin says:

    hey guys these have been coming into the uk for a couple of weeks now but the price is so high so im holding back so far the sell for £7.49 here in the Uk shockin prices grr!!!!

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