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Visit Us at Our New Home – Win Valuable Prizes (Congrats Christine C.!)
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Congrats Christine C. of Anaheim, CA – she was the winner of our MOVE TO TAKEFIVEADAY.COM prize package of: Our CARS book, SD Comic Con Lightning McQueen And a box of Mini’s and regular CARS. As with any good CARS collector, she was pretty much up to date except for the the last few releases […]

Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mac iCar (The Apple Car)
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© Disney/Pixar & Mattel Red Line Club No, it is not scheduled to come out in the next two months. Beyond that, who really knows? My opinion is that it will be out at some future time. The time doesn’t matter because whenever it comes out, Mattel will sell it by the bushels. (A bushel […]

Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: What’s In Stores-Online Right Now
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SEPTEMBER 20, 2008 UPDATE I know with the recent avalanche/cavalcade of good news, it’s hard to sort out what’s coming and what’s in stores so here’s a brief rundown of the newest things that are actually on the store shelves-hitting the stores shelves-about to hit and/or can be found online right about now. SINGLES – […]