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Fill Your Water Cup with Soda? Could Be a Felony …

Let this be a lesson to you kids …

After filling a courtesy cup with soda Thursday at the McDonald’s soda fountain and then leaving the restaurant, Mark A. was arrested by Collier deputies and now faces a felony theft charge, a sheriff’s report shows.

While his charge is petty theft, because of previous petty theft convictions, the charge for drinking the unpaid-for soda was increased from a misdemeanor to a felony, the arrest report shows. In Florida, a third-degree felony can result in a sentence of up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

You can read the rest at WPTV.com
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25 April 2012 Food 8 Comments


  • HolyGeekboy says:

    There is more to the story though – the manager told him he owed a dollar for the soda; he refused to pay. He was ordered out, he rfused to leave, swearing and creating a scene. He had a long history of priors. He clearly wanted to be arrested.

    “Filling your water cup with soda COULD be a felony” is a misleading headline.

    • FireFox91 says:

      Proving that this guy had a flagrant disregard for the law and no respect for others. Those are exactly the kind of people that should be arrested when they do stuff like this.

    • Bumper Save says:

      Technically you still COULD be arrested for filling your water cup with soda. Just only if you refuse to pay and/or leave the establishment.

  • bubbabob says:

    They got it all figured out in Florida, don’t they

  • Bumper Save says:

    Not in my town, ya don’t!

  • John in Missouri says:

    It should work both ways — have you gotten about three miles away from a drive-thru only to discover that they shorted you an item or charged you extra for a topping that you didn’t get? Arrest THEM!!

  • chuki_mama says:

    Our tax dollars at work taking down the REAL criminals…

    • HolyGeekboy says:

      Far be it for me to stand up for the police, as I often point out the bad ones’ misdeeds and misuse of authority. However, what are they to do? Restaurant manager calls to report a theft after the guy refused to pay. They show up and he’s swearing, creating a scene, refusing to leave, and has a long history of petty crime. It sounds like he *IS* a “real criminal.”

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