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Cold Other World – Antarctic
Posted in Science on 2 April 2012
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The US base is the largest in the Antarctic interior. Home to 150 scientists and support staff, Amundsen-Scott was built to last. It took 12 Antarctic summers to complete the project. Sitting 10 feet off the ground on 36 stilts, the station is shaped like an airplane wing. Wind accelerates underneath and discourages snow from […]

Ay Carumba: Airplanes & Runways
Posted in History on 2 April 2012
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Planes gotta land – even if it’s some small strip of land … You can find a collection of planes landing real close by photos from photographer Joseph Hoflehner. Or if you prefer video …

Root Beer Taste Test: Huffington Post
Posted in Uncategorized on 2 April 2012
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Huffington Post taste tests 18 root beers … I have tasted about 12 of these and agree with their choice … Check it out here.