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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Maybe an MBA is Not Necessary …

You may not need an MBA to put your finger on some problems with Mattel’s Disney Pixar CARS 2 line …

This might require an army of marketing scientists … or can your 7-month old speak yet?

It is beautiful … and what’s nice is it’ll stay a static display and not necessary to put up a sign that says MUSEUM DISPLAY – DO NOT TOUCHΒ  πŸ˜†Β  πŸ™„

Thanks for the beautiful pic, “Infiniti McQueen.”

And from Mariela P., an equally effective snapshot … something is amiss – I can’t quite put my finger on it, I know it’ll come to me eventually, let me check my marketing textbook …

It’s a puzzler …

The Spring reset could use a little tweaking …

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  • John in Missouri says:

    Where did Infiniti McQueen take that photo? Even though those are all McQueen’s, I’d be impressed as heck just to see that many pegs dedicated to singles!

  • John says:

    New shipments are starting to trickle out.

    We’ve seen evidence of case C at several local Kmart’s (straight edged cards); stores that hadn’t had new product since Christmas. Also our Kmart’s have several of the two packs with Sal Machiani meaning Security Guard Finn had been there. (we’ve never seen Leland Turbo and almost never Security Finn)

    Walmart has two packs at $3.97 and we bought a lone Security Finn at that price. I think the steep singles discounts were very successful and they are doing the same for doubles now. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see steep discounts on Deluxe (submarine Finn/hydrofoil Finn) and L&S and then shipment of new 2012 product.

  • BMW says:

    Target near me today was a sea of blue, that grayish blue. But not as many as before because onl 2 or so per peg, and neatly arranged so each peg has one or 2 finns per peg.
    Hot wheels empty
    Monster High Dolls empty
    Barbie pegs were full, Barbie is taking a back seat to the hot Monster High line.
    The round placard at the Cars aisle says World of Cars. There is a new cardboard display, which is much simpler than a year ago at the launch, which makes sense. There were plenty of launchers, Shu etc at full price.
    Action Agents absolutely full pegs. Some expensive track sets 59.99, 4 Tire Talky games 22.99 , Barrel Blowout 16.99, and Spy Jet Escape. The deluxe pegs were full. One lone DD Bus among the blue sea.
    They did have the newest collect and connect puzzle cars Mcqueen silver and Francesco, and the glue problem persists.

  • Bumper Save says:

    Wow. Now I know where all the HHPCLMQ’s are. There was only one around here, and not even in one of the big three/four. (Did we let Kmart in the big three yet?)

  • sodabear says:

    Anyone still think that this is all part of infallible Mattel’s plan? Or can we now concede that even large corporations, with all their focus groups and yachts, can make mistakes?

  • BlueMustang says:

    Sigh… this is what my stores look like too.

  • Dunroamin says:

    What you can’t see in the picture are all the Jan Flash Nillson Chases behind the Lightnings πŸ™‚ haha

  • hostile takeover banker says:

    I know I am missing something, so can someone please fill me in on what is the difference between the 2 McQueens in the photo?

  • cac1959 says:

    And it’s pretty much the same everywhere…

    The local Meijer has 108 singles on the pegs… 4 McQueen, 8 Francesco, and 96 Finn McMissile… I did score 20 other singles during the $1.00 sale; Cars that I’ve never seen there before and haven’t seen since.

    The local Walmart has full pegs of singles… a few Francesco and the rest are 40% McQueen and 60% Finn.

    I stopped at a small town Walmart last night… 1 Finn and 12 McQueen singles… empty pegs for the rest.

    And it’s pretty much the same in central Indiana and western Ohio… friends in Indianapolis don’t even go Cars shopping at Target, Walmart, and Toys R US.

    My wife worked late Tuesday night… in the past I’d take a quick Cars run to Dayton and stop at 10 to 12 stores… I didn’t even think about doing that Tuesday night.

    I’ve seen the 2012 Singles C case at 1 Target; bought 10 out of the 24 Cars just so I could satisfy my addiction and buy Cars… I really only needed the Chase Radiator Springs Ramone and the Mel Dorado (the only Mel I’ve seen in a store).

    The reset can’t get here soon enough.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I wonder if the vending machines at Mattel HQ look the same? One is completely filled with nothing but packages of black licorice, and the other is completely empty except for a few expired packages of black licorice flavored chewing gum.

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