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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Chase Ramone is Technically Chaseable

The singles C case with the CHASE RAMONE is out.

But it’s hard to find as most/many stores have not ordered it … and for ultra completists, it does come on the no side diecast cards.

It is a nice deco …

With good detailing, like the silver trim lines along the back fins …

It looks like right now, you can pretty much only buy it by the case, mine came from Children’s Toy Closet – they should still have case C in stock.

But the whole release pattern is out of whack. CASE B just got “re-release,” approval again after its initial release but then was put on hold for shipping so basically the last two cases have been very limited – though they seem to sitting in a Mattel warehouse nice and cozy like.

Case D was scheduled for this week but has been pushed back to the end of March … was it to realign card design for “2012?” Was it because retailers did not want to order any so Mattel hoped another month would strip the shelves clear of diecast singles? (that did happen in your neighborhood, right? right? Right?anyone? anyone?)

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  • BobnRoll says:

    i see it in south of france …

    it’s the same case of New Blisters (with fmq with eyes and bumper in steel)

    i think 2 chases by case.


  • James Daniel says:

    Found Mel Dorado in the UK yesterday, There was two on the hanging style cards but no chase ramone, i think maybe the UK has a dif assortment unless i was beaten to it. It was the new cards but there not very easy to tell one from another as they still look very similar to the older cards.

  • Lane Change says:

    I saw 8 in just one Target two weeks ago. While driving to Houston, I stopped at 3 Targets and saw them at every single one from just outside Dallas to Houston, most just had 2 but the last one I stopped at in Houston had 8.

  • Outlawbak says:

    I have found 8 CHASE RAMONES at 2 separate Targets within a wek and a half of each other but the pegs are seriously clogged at most of my Walmarts and TRU has only 3 singles hanging, but over 50 of the color changers that have been clearanced. Distribution in my area, SE Texas, is terrible

  • nomad says:

    Easy chase in Belgium.

    Bought 2 Ramone’s 3 weeks ago and saw it in 3 or 4 stores in the neighbourhood.

    Look’s like the old stock disappeared the past 2 weeks.
    Now the racks here are especially refilled with CASE-B cars.

  • Nightmare Car says:

    To chase or not to chase…. Hmmm. I say not, Ramone is not a car that is high up on my got to have it list, let alone pay extra for.

    Completists you can have em all… 🙂

    Cars went so sour lately, only thing I’m looking forward to is Cars land at Disney land. and of course the 3rd movie CARS 3, too 🙂

  • CHERIE says:

    I just purchased this car for $8 (including shipping) on eBay. It is an awesome looking car. With the cost of gas these days, it is getting cheaper to purchase on eBay, rather than drive around every day looking for new cars that are never there!

  • Mariela says:

    I don’t think we will be seeing this case anytime soon in Cali, way too many Finns and McQueens on the pegs 😕

  • toffman says:

    I thought all of the cards in this case are of the non-cut variety? If so, it should be very easy to tell the new case…

  • Mike Manifold says:

    I thought that many were finding this in the wild, by the posts on the various forums, and judging by the numerous Bay sales from sellers from many different regions, but that it depended heavily on the state in which you live. In Illinois I find no trace of this case, but I’d bet that I would have seen it by now in Iowa, Missouri, the Carolinas, Florida, etc… Per BMW (endless gratitude!) the case contents are:
    2 Chase Ramone
    1 Mel Dorado
    3 Lewis
    1 Miguel
    2 Shu
    1 Petrov
    1 Fillmore
    2 Acer
    2 Holley
    3 Francesco
    6 Racing Wheels McQueen

    • John says:

      Thanks Mike (and BMW of course), there’s enough on the list that have been gone from stores since Christmas that I think I might recognize the remains of a picked over Case C now. 🙂

    • BMW says:

      I try to keep up with the cases as best I can from Mets lists, on line dealers, and friends who report case contents. The list goes back to the earliest cases mid summer 06.
      I haven’t found it myself at Target, yet 90 miles away in a small town in Texas a friend has found 8 Chase Ramones at Targets.

      I am looking for the newest launchers too, Carla and Jeff.

      • rumbler74 says:

        Hi Barbara! Try your local HEB grocery stores. I found the 2 per case at 3 local HEB’s. Case also had Lewis Hamilton, Shu Todoroki, and Miguel Camino singles. Good luck!

  • Micky says:

    We were in Orlando yesterday and stopped by Disney Village. They had case C out. I picked up Chase Ramone. It hurt to pay $6.95 each but I know it will be a long time before I see it at retail in my area. Also, picked up Jeff & Carla Launchers. I passed on them a few weeks ago but new merchandise is so hard to find, I caved and paid $14.95 each. I should have picked up the launchers the first time since they looked case fresh. This time most of them had damaged packages or poorly painted Jeff’s. After going through every one and getting help from the stockroom, I managed to get 2 good ones.

    • Mike Manifold says:

      Glad you were able to get them. I’m worried about the launchers only appearing at the Disney resort store. I hope we’ll see them nationally, unlike other releases pretty much only seen at that singular Disney store, like Bye Bye Kar, Bessie, etc.

      (MET: You might try Rob’s Palace – he had launchers).

  • John says:

    Met, is there anything noteworthy about Case C other than RS Ramone? In other words, is there a way to tell if a Case C has been put out if the two Ramones are already gone?

    (MET: One way to tell is that the cards are missing the side diecuts – note they are “straight,” and not missing an “angled chunk.”)

    • John in Missouri says:

      Lewis Hamilton and Shu Todoroki are also in the case. So are Lightning, Francesco, and Petrov…

      (MET: And Shu is the updated Shu with the black air foil in the front …).

    • John in Missouri says:

      I think Met means ‘side diecuts’ as opposed to ‘side diecasts’.

      (MET: Whoops … I guess I actually have to read what I right, er I mean wright … uh, write, right?).

  • BMW says:

    Walmarts here were resetting this last week. New planograms in toys.
    The only new cars products were the Real Mcqueens and new quick changers.
    Singles were the same 40 Petrov Trunkovs they moved to the pegs from the center aisle cube. Dozen or so Sub Finns, and at 12.97 the launcher pegs were full. In fact every Cars peg was full of the old releases.
    I don’t expect to see this chase Car at Walmart anytime soon.
    Family dollar has nothing but a few singles in a box on top of the shelves.
    Mattel can’t sell the new cases if the stores can’t sell whats been sitting there for months. The Reps for this big toy company need to walk into every store and see the situation at retail.

  • bd says:

    Mattel, guess all that market research on selling patterns really works?

  • John in Missouri says:

    I was totally surprised to find one of these at Sears last night, and with two in the case, I plan on heading back today to see if they put out the other one. Beautiful car in person!

  • pwschuh says:

    Saw one of these hanging in a Target in Laurel, Maryland a few days ago. Not collecting any CARS2 items so I left it hanging.

  • cac1959 says:

    Release the new Cars already, Mattel… You’re running the risk of losing many of us who have been collecting Cars for years… Pull the non-selling singles, Deluxe, Movie Moments, 3 packs, launchers, and any other products I’ve failed to mention from not only the large retailers but also the smaller retailers… donate them to charities… and release the new products.

    Chase Radiator Springs Ramone is a very nice looking Car.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Had a chance to buy this online a few weeks ago but passed because I wanted something to “chase”. Been “chasing” it for over 3 weeks now. Looking forward to finding it one of these days…

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