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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Oversized Deluxe Check List 2012

Here are the other (oversized) Deluxe listed for 2012.

Minion Forklist – Muggsy Liftsome

Taco Mater

Taia Decotura (Tire Talky Truck)

Sgt. Highgear – The Queen’s Palace Guard (Illustration)

Pickup Woody (no listed name yet)

Andy Gearsdale.

Kabuki Mater

Priest (Padre) – most likely will be different color than the Padre from Toons.

And Holley Shiftwell with Guns


Of course, this is just a list – changes could/will/often occur but for now, this is the carded deluxe-oversized release list.

Will there still be oversized-deluxe CARS in 3-packs? Unknown as of now.

Also note, Monster Dracula Mater & Materhosen (out at the Disney Stores) are not on this list.

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