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SOPA: Congress At it Again, No Other Problems to Solve
Posted in Internet on 5 January 2012
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While very few are for internet piracy of movies & TV shows, the new SOPA bill + the Senate version (Protect IP) is so vague … How would SOPA work? It allows the U.S. attorney general to seek a court order against the targeted offshore Web site that would, in turn, be served on Internet […]

If You’re Looking For a 1969 Dodge Charger – It’s Bright Orange
Posted in History, TV on 5 January 2012
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If you missed out on the Barry Diesel proto auction, here’s your chance to own a larger 1:1 scale CAR …It’s an actual General Lee from the TV series. Since it’s Barrett-Jackson, you know it’s not just some random orange painted Charger. Details below. You can flash the QR code to go to the website. […]

Decorate Your Walls – Ixxi
Posted in Design on 5 January 2012
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On the surface and closeup, it’s really just a series of interconnected plastic tiles … But step back? You actually upload the photo you want and they’ll recreate it in interlocking tile format – whether it’s a pixelated pic … or a regular photo or if you have 600 photos of individual items like some […]

Disney Pixar CARS 2: New Lego CARS 2 + New Friends + Sale
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS 3, Lego on 5 January 2012
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Lego has announced 8 new CARS 2 sets for 2012. They are in-stock already at the Lego Store (not all available at Amazon yet). (or click on graphic to go to the Lego Store) They are also having a rare sale including 50% off on the Pizza Planet truck (plus a couple CARS 2 sets) […]