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Mattel Disney CARS 2 Diecast: It’s Not a Puzzle That It’s a Variant McQueen

The new Collect & Connect puzzles are out – emphasis on COLLECT.

Some of you might be thinking, I bought the Finish Line Frenzy GAME with a silver logo MCQueen & Silver flames … did you think the puzzle guy would let the game guy trump him by releasing the same exact car?

No way – especially when the neon sign above his desk says COLLECT THEM ALL …

Yes on the silver 95 logo and yes on the silver flames but he is so totally different … this McQueen has the all silver rims while the Finish Line Frenzy one silver spokes on a red rim … but there is a bigger difference.

It’s an unsegmented 1-piece body Lightning McQueen.

And apparently Lightning McQueen singles are going through a production change also …

Whether this is a temporary change (aka: temporary production variant) or added to the mix (what will he be in this case assortment?) or a permanent change for “regular” Lightning McQueen, your guess is as good as anyone’s … so, er really collect them all.

The other (and last) puzzle (in this series) is Francesco Bernoulli sporting silver paint …

These being probably the first puzzles that have ever sold out, I’m sure they will start a “new” series …

Thanks for the great pics, “David V.”

Here are the two UPC’s: 0-27084-95133-2 & 0-27084-95134-9. I have not seen any at our Target stores but people seem to find them at Target or TRU.

In case you missed the first two, here’s the original post.



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  • BMW says:

    A family member went to Target and bought the Puzzle Mcqueen for me on Christmas eve as Target had just gotten in a new pallet with one case on it. I had been looking for it, but since its one per case, its not easy to find.
    The Target case had 3 Maters, 2 Francesco and 1 Mcqueen. TRU only had the older cases with Mater silver wheels and Raoul.
    Also found the one piece #3 Racing Wheels Mcqueen singles at Toys R Us. Walmart and Target had the 2 piece ones only. The date code on the 1 piece Mcqueens are 2441 and 2461 EAA, these were on the TRU pegs with the 2 piece castings.

  • Bumper Save says:

    I never noticed this, a throwback to actual Diecasts, not just a bunch of pieces. Neat!

  • cac1959 says:

    I’ve seen the new puzzles only at Target stores… I saw the first series only at Meijer and Toys R Us until some Target stores got in the first set of puzzles…

    The first case came with 3 Mater with silver rims and 3 Raoul Caroule with a silver stripe… the second (new) case comes with 2 Francesco, 1 McQueen, and 3 repeats.

    There appears to be a problem with the glue on the new puzzles – the cardboard insert that holds the Car has dropped into the box on many of the Cars in the case.

    It is good to see a one piece McQueen.

  • John in Missouri says:


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