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Pirates of Caribbean Complete SALE + Last Hour To Get Before …
Posted in movies on 22 December 2011
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Sale on the 15-disc set of ALL 4 Pirates of the Caribbean movies on Blu Ray, on DVD and Digital copies. You also have an hour left to get it tomorrow if you select ONE DAY SHIPPING. It’s a nice deal for PRIME MEMBERS, only $3.99 more. If you’re not in a hurry, you can […]

Last Minute Gift & $50,000 Coupon
Posted in Advertising on 22 December 2011
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Don’t let it be said that TakeFive isn’t always there trying to save you a little here and there. If you have a giant red bow in need of a car to put underneath, just got this email – largest dollar amount coupon I’ve EVER SEEN … You think they wouldn’t use the COMIC SANS […]

When Life Gives You Amazon Boxes – Make a Christmas Tree
Posted in Gadgets on 22 December 2011
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If you’re still missing a tree or you set it on fire trying to kill the squirrel inside, no point in getting another one when you can simply make one out of the spare Amazon boxes laying about … Via Makedo Instructibles – free instructions PDF download.  

History of the Christmas Tree
Posted in History on 22 December 2011
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For those curious about it being an British-American tradition? “A woodcut of the British Royal family with their Christmas tree at Windsor Castle, initially published in the Illustrated London News December 1848, was copied in the United States at Christmas 1850, in Godey’s Lady’s Book. Godey’s copied it exactly, except for the removal of the […]

Calvin & Hobbes Snowman Scenes Brought to Life
Posted in comics on 22 December 2011
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Cool “tribute” video re-creating Calvin & Hobbes’ classic snowman “trauma” scenes (kind of NSF kids) 🙂 You can read about the MAKING OF here. And of course, if you miss Calvin & Hobbes (who doesn’t?) – you can read it online at its official home. Or order official strips framed. Or if you’re not getting […]