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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Post Christmas Clearance – Not So Much (Yet)

So far, there doesn’t seem to be much available at a huge discount in stores … they are probably still assessing what they have left and the massive toy markdowns probably won’t start until next week. Target has only dropped a handful of items about 10-15%.

For now, the best CLEARANCE pricing is still at Amazon – what’s left has dropped a few more bucks more (most tracksets/playsets are under $10 now) and they still have the two carrying cases @$10. They added a few items since last week.

You can check out all the Amazon CARS 2 Clearance HERE.

All the Amazon Toy’s on Clearance are HERE.

This Carrera set has dropped all the way to $39.99 so if you want to gift yourself a high end slot set. 🙂

Not on clearance but if you’re sharing your iPhone with your 18-month old or anyone who likes to gnaw and drool on it … the Fisher Price iPhone Case.

And while not the cheapest deal, it’s a reasonable price for Carlo Maserati to have it delivered to your doorstep (in 2-days if you are a Prime customer or free shipping) without you having to drive around town.

Same for the Pope Pinion IV & Popemobile. And if you go by the first sellers $49 pricing, it’s now 78% off!

Again, not the cheapest but shipped to your door versus driving around looking for it.

If I’m reading the Disney Store 15% off Coupon Code correctly – some CARS 2 items are 65% off? Since many items are already 50% off? The COUPON CODE is:


A lot of the stores are empty or in short supply so it might be easier just to order it online. You also get free shipping with a $75 purchase.

Let us know if you get 65% off on some products?

At Target, the Squinkies all seem neatly arranged and the dispenser is on sale, not a good sign for Mattel’s MicroDrifters

And holy hand grenade, what is this?

I’m taking this is not supposed to be actually served at a wedding but taste just like a wedding cake? Anyone try to serve this at their wedding? – it is much cheaper than one of those 5-layer dealies. 🙂

Are donut holes now called Holiday Wedding Cakes?

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  • hypercarrots says:

    they aren’t donut holes. they are cookies. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_tea_cake

  • slicepie says:

    I popped into WalMart last night to look for some Christmas decorations on clearance, but there was hardly anything left. What I did find, however, was that they had all (except the newest one) Cars 2 play sets severely discounted. Most of them were $11 or less with I think the 10 car launcher being the highest at just under $14.

  • John says:

    Deep Cars discounts at our local Kmart today. Most Cars items have a yellow clearance price sticker on them and then there are large “50% OFF CLEARANCE ITEMS” signs on the Cars shelves. All eight Lightning Alives they got in a few months ago are still there. The Alives are now on an endcap for about $23 retail with the discounts. Playsets are about $6-8, etc.

    Also visited four local Target stores. All have their toy departments torn apart with signs that say “Look for something new coming soon”, Cars items are a mix of overpriced and clearanced items.

  • CHERIE says:

    TONS of the Cars merchandise went to 50% off or more at the Wal-Mart by me in the Cleveland OH area. Siddely the Spy jet dropped to $10. The playsets all dropped to $10. I purchased Big Bentley Break Out for $10! I was also able to get the 3 pack Black Friday Playset for $10! The two pack Car Spy sets dropped to a little over $3 a set. All of the RC Car cars went dirt cheap. Some were 75% off. With the exception of the Mel Dorado that I found by chance at a Wal-Mart that I rarely go to, I have found nothing new at any of the stores lately.

  • Mountain Mater says:

    Prices have already risen (2:00 EST) about $.50 from what you show above. It seems Amazon has the ability (software?) to vary prices on demand and your post created such. Interesting. It happened the same way a few days back on the Radiator Springs Playset and some other items.

  • cac1959 says:

    I stopped at an Indianapolis area Target yesterday… the Bomb Blastin Mater was down to $41.99… the 10 launcher case was down to $18.99… this store had the Lights and Sounds 4 pack for $24.49 (I think)… no discounts on singles, two packs, Deluxe, or Lights and Sounds singles – the more affordable items… and selection was the same old, same old.

    I did buy the Photo Finish Raceway playset and found a good set of the Collect and Connect Puzzles #3 and #4 – most of those have a glue problem with the cardboard that reminds me of the glue problems with the WOC singles and 3 packs.

    Hopefully I’ll get to check out the local Kmart, Walmart, Meijer, and Kohl’s this afternoon.

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