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Savelogy iTunes Card Deal – 30% Off ($17.50 for $25)
Posted in Advertising, IOS, ipad, iPhone on 20 December 2011
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(click on graphic or text link below) There are only about 7 hours left on this deal so click fast. It does not say but I’m presuming they will not mail you an actual card but simply email you the code to add to your iTunes account. The Walmart deal is still ongoing – get […]

Goodbye Goodnight Moon, Say Goodnight iPad – Yes, For your iPad & Kindle
Posted in Books, IOS, ipad on 20 December 2011
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Yes, a Goodnight and Goodbye to Goodnight Moon. A parody update for the now generation. Available in book form (you know, the manual page flipping device). But there is also an enhanced audio-video version for your Kindle … And of course, how can you not have an enhanced video & audio of Goodnight iPad that […]

Calling All Film Geeks: Title Card of EVERY Warner Bros. Film … Ever
Posted in Film on 20 December 2011
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Chris A. started a photo database of every WB film title card* from the 1930’s to 1954 … Back then – it was literally just a title card because the only real effects they had was dissolve, slide in, flip in or partial reveals … all done by merging two film plates … aka: opticals. […]

Watch Others Work – Time Lapse
Posted in Internet on 20 December 2011
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Church and 30th St. San Francisco MUNI Light Rail Track Construction Via Vimeo/Ken Murphy