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Real Fake Movie Company Logos
Posted in Advertising, movies on 2 December 2011
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This site, Fauxgo has collected some real movie-fake corporate logos … including of course … You can get a nice repro sign of its inspiration … (from Amazon) For those who enjoy geeking out on logos, typefaces and fonts, here’s a breakdown of the main Web 2.0 companies … or what mainstream company logos might […]

A Gingerbread AT-AT Walker Just Like The Days of Yore …
Posted in Food on 2 December 2011
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While I’m more than happy to eat gingerbread in any form, shape or design form, building a gingerbread house seemed a waste of time that could clearly be better spent eating the walls … Now, this I would actually build! Plus you can put firecrackers in it later for fun just before eating … Via […]

Desert Bus: Video Game Drive From Tucson To Vegas in Real Time
Posted in Apple, IOS, ipad, iPhone on 2 December 2011
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In the 1990’s, apprently there was going to be a Sega CD game release of mini games from the warped minds of Penn & Teller called, “Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors.” It never got released but one mini game, Desert Bus escaped out … You drive a bus from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, […]

The Beatles All the Time and I Mean All the Time
Posted in Music on 2 December 2011
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If you ever thought, I like the Beatles but I just don’t have time to listen to all 226 of their tracks … Problem solved. Every Beatle sung-track in one track … Via Ramjak at Soundcloud. All you need is … 8 minutes and 22 seconds … Every Beatles tune, played together, sequenced in order […]