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Mattel Pixar CARS: The Wal-Mart Mystery Case Assortment “W” (UPDATE #2)

Well, maybe World of CARS will go out in one last blaze of WM glory?

There is a mysterious CASE ASSORTMENT W scheduled for a week after the Kmart CARS Collector’s Day CASE.

(Kmart 1054-9998, WM 1054-999W)

What’s in the Wal-Mart case – no one knows?

(It’s definitely marked for Wal Mart).

AND this is not Wal-Mart day like Kmart Cars Collector Days, these are just to be shelved like any other shipment only – only that WM are getting these CARS first.

Our new guess as to what singles are included are in THIS POST.

The inside word on the shipment …

“ENDCAP Cars display. We are getting 72 Cars (no asst. was listed), 42 over sized cars, was suprised to see about 6 cabs listed, not just Mac). However, this does not mean we are getting the cabs in this displayer. They are just listed as part of the overall asst. & 24 of *******”

This all makes sense as there 18 CARS to a Case carton so that’s 4 CASES.

There are 6 Oversized Blister Card CARS in each or 7 CASES.

The Haulers come 6 to a CASE so we might see 1 case or if it’s related to the bottom “24” number, 4 CASES of Haulers.

That bottom asterisk is just “blank” the asterisk are just placeholders in the computer column … as others have noted, it could be the Night Vision McQueen with the 2009 CARS book – and yes, we know it will be out before the year’s end so why not end of October … and we know there are 12 to a CASE or 2 CASES of that.

In any case, we are getting a boatload of CARS … now, we will see how fast it sells. 🙂

Of course, this being WM, we’ll probably see the first CUBE rolled out accidentially around the middle of October when they’re probably supposed to go out at the end of October or early November.

AND depending on the size of this store (regular or SuperCenter) and proximity to other stores, this might be the set STANDARD allotment or this might be different … so just so you note, your store may get this setup, get more or get less …

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