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Happy Mother’s Day!
Posted in Universe on 8 May 2011
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May you have a few hours of peace, quite and relaxation … Of course, you’ll just be wondering what kind of trouble we’re getting into when it’s too quiet … don’t worry, you might be 106 and we’re 85 – we’ll still ask you where the fork is … or our pants … for all […]

Animated Explanation on the Search for ‘Dark Matter’
Posted in Universe on 1 May 2011
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A nice animatic on Dark Matter Or non-Flash

Now, This is a Pullback Shot – The Known Universe
Posted in Universe on 8 March 2011
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The Know Universe, watch FULL SCREEN and in HD … If you look closely, your can see me holding up Lightning McQueen in my driveway but look quick.

TakeFiveADay Questions & Answers …
Posted in Advertising, collecting, diecast, Film, Marketing, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail, Toys, TV, Universe on 11 March 2009
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If you have some questions – we might have some answers … So, ask away and maybe the answers will be useful to many others …

Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Darth Mater CAAF Auction & What If?
Posted in Advertising, collecting, Design, diecast, Film, Marketing, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Religion, Retail, Toys, TV, Universe on 24 September 2008
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Some official shots of Darth Mater … coming for the CAAF Dream Halloween auction on October 25, 2008. “It’s Halloween in Radiator Springs! Dad Gum!………………Tow Mater has gotten dressed up as his favorite villain Darth Vader but has changed his name to Darth Mater!  His Light Saber is fashioned from an old fluorescent light bulb […]

Stay Safe & Stay Dry …
Posted in TV, Universe on 11 September 2008
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Those of you on the outer markers, you’re okay to go shopping but maybe get a canoe first … those of you in the pink area, get thee to New Mexico, Arizona or California … National Weather Service Live Info. National Weather Hurricane Winds Tracking Map. Video – Leading edge is MASSIVE.

Happy Valentine’s Day: DeBeers Diamond Class Action Settlement
Posted in Advertising, Financial, Internet, Marketing, Universe on 29 January 2008
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I knew $97.99 for the 143-carat pinkie ring I bought last year was overpriced. Now, you can get some of your money back from DeBeers … Do you qualify? “People and companies who purchased Diamond Products for personal use, including to give as gifts. This is the Indirect Purchaser “Consumer Subclass.” Yes, you are subclass […]

Black Friday, Black Holiday: Gifts to Avoid
Posted in Advertising, Financial, Gadgets, Internet, Marketing, Retail, Toys, Universe on 25 November 2007
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As someone who once worked in retail, it’s not hard to get cynical about Christmas – I actually saw & witnessed people buying presents by the pound – actually holding it up and declaring loudly that it’s price to bulk weight ratio was sufficient … sufficient for what? To not be excluded from the reading […]

Dr. Grordbort’s Rayguns Courtesy of WETA Are Out of This World
Posted in Design, Gadgets, Universe on 17 October 2007
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Cheesy headlines aside, haven’t you ever wanted to own a raygun? Or at least one that looks and feels like it was a close to a real one as possible? Well, the good folks that helped bring The Lord of the Rings and its slate of collectibles to life have created a new division down […]

Hyper Clear Photos of Space Shuttle
Posted in Internet, Media, Science, Universe on 18 September 2007
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 Wow!  Here is one snap from a web site I just came across…the photos are amazing! Apparently, this site has some connection via a staffer at NASA itself.  Clearly, who else could have taken these?  Well, there are those little green, big round eye dudes and maybe the Russians, but that’s about it.