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  • I just bought powdered water… what do I mix it with???

  • Ryan says:

    Why does Chuck Manifold have no license plate?

  • Ryan says:

    Why do launchers not have codes in them, even though it shows the game on the back of the package?

  • Ryan says:

    Are the Kmart days the only time and place we will see these Piston Cup Racers with faux rubber tires? And will it only be the Piston Cup Racers with these tires?

    • iamspeed says:

      I would prefer it that way. If they’re going to be KMart exclusives, WHY NOT go all the way with “rubber” tires and special packaging? I was glad to see Re-Volting and Vinyl Toupee on their October KMart Cars Day list, since those have only been available in the MSOS and a couple of the Target sets…..now we’ll be able to get them on their own cards!

  • Ryan says:

    When will we know if all haulers will also be released as Mega Size Semis? And what about the non-racing-team haulers, like Gil and Jerry?

  • carsmama says:

    Will Mattel ever put out a 3-pack that doesn’t have at least one repeat?

    • Chris says:

      I was gonna say no, but then doesn’t the upcoming dinoco showgirls 3-pack come with a new expression McQueen?

      • carsmama says:

        Technically, he is still listed as plain old Lightning McQueen though. I wouldn’t really call him ‘NEW’. I guess when I meant new, I meant brand new. Like why can’t they make one of those hauler team sets with some new cars instead of making us buy two that we already have just to get one new one. JMO.

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    OOOOO – OOOOO Pick me!!!!!!

    Have we covered the topic about icar and Revolting both havin’ the number 84???

    • buckland-blowouts says:

      Question #2 – There are WOC gift packs of team Spare Mint out there… Any idea how many actually made it to production… ???

      Or will they just keep makin’ them so long as idiots like me keep buyin’ them – Thinkin’ they are rare and legit…???

  • TJH-AZ says:

    I have 3 Nitroade Pitty’s. 2 have frowns, 1 has a smile. What gives?

  • Lorri says:

    I have a lot of questions about Case H. EIGHT MCQUEENS AGAIN? WTH?! I dont care if one of them is the recycled Impound McQ. Which by the way was supposed to be limited as a chase, NO?
    I am totally bummed that they are counting on Todd to sell this case. If I cant find him on my own, I will buy him from Slice. Or, gasp, ebay.
    When will Mattel stop putting so many GD McQueens in a case????????????

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      Tell us how you really feel πŸ˜‰

      • Lorri says:

        I know, sorry I went off. I am getting discouraged! Im seriously not even going to buy these retail OR by the case anymore. Just ebay. When there is only two or at the most 3 new cars coming out each month its cheaper by far just to save my gas and time and be done. The new ones get picked off so quick and then the stores are left with pegwarmers.

  • Keith says:

    Question 1)
    Do we have any reason to believe that Vinyl Toupee, Sidewall Shine, or N20 Cola will be re-released as racers or singles in the future??

    Question 2) (and Met, I was promised an answer on this today! LOL)
    Are the orginal sized Barney Stormin, Fred, and TJ along with “Clown Lips” Darrel Cartrip now “reitred cars”?

    (MET: Did I say what Thursday? πŸ™‚ )

  • John in Missouri says:

    Mater is based in part on North Carolina’s Douglas Keever, whose nickname was used by Pixar for the lovable tow truck in Cars:


    My question is, will there be a character in Cars 2 based on MegaHeat?

  • Twiggy says:

    Are they still making Movie Moments? I hardly EVER see them anymore, and when I do they are the old ones. Are the gift packs replacing them? Has anyone else’s Target discontinued their haulers and if so does anyone know why? And my biggest question ~ WHY, WHY do they make a semi in the mega sizes when they are releasing the haulers? It is the same thing, who wants two Mack semis? I only bought Mack but ended up returning him because I realized what’s the use of buying an extra semi to go with each of my haulers? Does not make sense to me, anyone have any thoughts?

    • John in Missouri says:

      If there were a prize on this post, you’d win it for the best questions hands-down!

    • Keith says:

      The only real guess would be is for completist, the semi DOES have a slightly different expression (in the mouth and eyes) then the haulers. A scam for sure, but they are technically different.

    • Monica says:

      My my original guess on the Semi v haulers issue: the semis are an option for those that don’t want to shell out $15 for a hauler, but their kids want Mack. Makes less sense for all the other haulers though.

    • Knightrider says:

      yes they are still making movie moments but it would appear that they are only currently being released in Europe etc. I found the new Chick and Bruiser Bukowski Movie Moment Yesterday!

  • John in Missouri says:

    Will Texas Tea Hummer make an appearance in Cars 2?

  • Karicost says:

    Is it better to keep your Cars in the package or open and display them?

  • carsmama says:

    Does anyone on this forum have every car in every package ever released?

    • megaheat2008 says:


    • Twiggy says:

      LOL I wish…I only buy them for the kiddies and buy extra chase ones to keep tucked away. A completist would cringe at what my kids have done to their cars – from biting off one of the antennaes on flea/flik whatever the name is, snapping pitcrew stuff off the pitcrew chiefs, messing with Boost and DJ’s spoilers and this tops it- just tonight my young son tried to bite Lightning McQueen’s tongue off on the finish line one. lol.

  • John in Missouri says:

    When will we see an annual Cars convention?

  • Luciano24 says:

    Are they releasing Tokyo Mater with Bolt DVD/Blu-Ray Disc’s?

    Are they making Tokyo Mater diecasts?

  • iamspeed says:

    MET…….what if we all got together and figured out a day & date where we could have a MASS VIEWING OF CARS?????

    A set time, taking into account time zones around the world, with everyone ready to hit PLAY on their DVD player.

    As the movie progresses, we all have the ability to comment and point out things in the movie.

    I don’t know if it could be pulled off, but it would be fun to try, wouldn’t it?

    What do you think?

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    So how come the lack of single number race cars? I would think 1,2,3,5,6,7 and 9 would be sought after numbers in racing, before 123 or 2 #84’s.

  • PirateDad says:

    Have you hugged a Pirate Today??

  • jason says:

    When are the newest movie moments set to be released? And what is the case make up going to be?

  • BMW says:

    OK, here’s my mystery questions;
    when the Cars Movie was new, and the agreement between Mattel and PIXAR to produce the diecasts was finalized:

    1. What year was the first diecast Cars car made?
    2. Which car sculpt was the first one released for sale? In other words, which order did they come out in? Was Sarge, Lizzie, Wingo really the first ones or was McQueen and Mater first ?
    3. I have a early car that ends in a date code of XXX3 Does that really mean it was made in 2003?

    • John in Missouri says:

      The original release date was November 2005, so my assumption is that the first official ones were made that year as well. I saw a Cars video or something about the making of the movie, and John Lasseter & Company have some diecasts on the conference room table, so maybe you got one of those! How did you come across that?

      The original cases had 30 Cars in them, so all 12 hit the pegs at the same time as I recall.

      • BMW says:

        John in M,
        first chance to reply. thanks for info.
        I have that cd about the making of the movie, but did not recall the diecasts, will have to look again.

        I do not know how I came about that car with the date code ending in 3. May have traded for it, or bought it. Do remember the 30 car cases of course. Bought my first one in June or July 06.

  • John in Missouri says:

    We’ve all heard the expression “he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer”, but how come no one ever says “that guy IS the sharpest knife in the drawer”?

  • TJH-AZ says:

    When I submit a comment, it says;

    new comment is submiting, please wait a comment…

    What does “wait a comment” mean? Should this say “wait a moment” instead?

    Just wondering.

  • TJH-AZ says:

    In the CAAF Auction Case that the exclusive Red Ransburg LM was in, there is a police SUV on the 2nd row from bottom, far right side. Who is it and when will he/she be released?

    • John in Missouri says:

      Richard Kensington security van? Oh, some time in late-2007…

    • PirateDad says:

      You don;t have that yet…that was a Canadian exclusive, buy 5 Yellow Ramones, 5 Bling Bling McQueen, 5 Green Ramones, and any ONE car from Race O Rama and send in $9.99 plus original receipts and UPC codes nad a drop of blood and hair sample and get a FREE Richard Kensignton SUV…unfortunately not ONE was redeemed due to the lack of Ramones so the Fullfillment Warehouse in Niagara Falls, ON Canada with the broken lock on the back door sits with 250,000 of them unshipped!

    • megaheat2008 says:

      the suv in question was scrapped by marketing if it should come back in play ….who knows “ANSWER” ? ? ?

  • Chris says:

    Will Canada EVER get any new singles? We are currently on Case F of LAST YEAR, while you guys have Case F of this year. MET, can you tell us International folks anything??

  • PirateDad says:

    PirateQuestion of the day….When is Met gonna answer all these questions…I personally long for the illumination of Mr. Metroxing!!

    (MET: I predict Saturday).

  • TowMater69 says:

    What is the significance of A-113 in regards to Pixar? It is on Trev from Cars and the station wagon from Toy Story.

    • Edge says:

      A-113 is a reference to the animation room at California Institute of the Arts, where many Pixar animators studied. It can also be seen on Mater’s license plate, by the way. The number also appears in “Toy Story”.

    • Edge says:

      And to add to that, in WALL*E, the protocol that AUTO is programmed to follow is A113, and A113 is also the room number Mr. Incredible is instructed to go to in The Incredibles.

    • carslovermom says:

      Don’t forget Maters licence plate. Pixar hides stuff all over all of their movies. Like Wall-e is in cars, etc….

      • 5oclockshadow says:

        Toy Story – License plate number on Andy’s Mom’s minivan

        A Bug’s Life – Code on cereal box as Flik enters the bug city.

        Toy Story 2 – Airport announcement for “LassetAir Flight A113”, also a reference to director John Lasseter.

        Monsters, Inc. – Sign seen in the background when Sulley sees Smitty and Needleman loading the trash compactor.

        Finding Nemo – Model code on camera used by scuba diver.

        The Incredibles – A room number in Syndrome’s lair. It is the conference room that Mr. Incredible is suppose to get his second assignment and where he is attacked by the enhanced Omnidroid. Also, the prison level where Mr. Incredible is held is “Level A1” in Cell # 13: A1 & 13

        Cars – Mater’s license plate. Also the number of the railway train which almost crashes into Lightning McQueen while he is on his way to Radiator Springs.

        Ratatouille – Git, the lab rat, has a tag on his left ear that reads, “A113”.

        WALLβ€’E – The code for Auto’s “directive”. This instance is the first time “A113” has held any actual significance in the film’s plot and is mentioned aloud.

  • Michael says:

    The new K-Mart Cars – When will we see those? Can we buy a case from somewhere else?

    TRU Gasket – WHEN?

    And why do we go crazy over the Cars of the South, when they are the same 3 cars paitned differently?

    And why do we go crazy over the haulers, when they are the same truck? Then buy the single with a different face?

    Have any Cars been retired? I thought Doc had one that was.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    How are Cars born?

  • Jon says:

    Does anyone know what’s coming next for Movie Moments? I saw Chick / Bruiser over here in England last week and I wonder what might be coming next?


  • hostile takeover banker says:

    there are some really cool shots of some Ferraris on some posters in Luigi’s Tyre Place near the end of the film when McQueen is getting refitted out. Is there any information about these shots and the ferrari’s involved? They look like they are based on old ferrari models. It would be great to see them released as characters in die cast models.

  • Bill in Simi Valley CA says:

    Will I ever find Wally Hauler?

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      *shakes his magic 8 ball* Yes!

    • Michael says:

      I found a Wal-Mart that had a shelf full, and that was a good thing. Many had defects in the paint and noticeable chips.
      The Rusteeze boxes inside are of thin cardboard, almost what you would expect of a McDonald happy meal toy.
      But, then again my son loved it. He did bring to my attention that this truck was not in the movie.
      My opinion, be patient, it’s nothing to get to excited for.

    • Twiggy says:

      You will, just be patient! I wish I would have seen this sooner, I would have gotten you one, my Walmart had at least five of them and nothing else…noone around me here wanted poor Wally…): My son loves him! Good things come to those who wait..I just missed a Elvis they put out by one person but I will get it next time I just have that mindset.

  • LiamsMom says:

    Does there seem to be a better time of the day to look for cars at certain stores? Like in the morning at Wal-mart, or Mondays at Target? Is there any rhyme or reason?

    I am very frustrated, thank goodness for the trading forum. I can’t remember the last time I bought a car at the store…

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      Most heavy traffic stores tend to stock late night and early morning. So best to hit those Targets when doors open. Walmart is a different story. Some are 24-hours, so from 10pm to 2am is a good time slot for those.

      The Walmart and Target stores in my area have a lot lighter traffic, and they typically stock during the morning hours after they open.

      TRU is a joke here. Most cases they bring out are already opened and picked through before they hit the floor.

      About 90% of the time there will be a truck come in Sunday night/Monday morning to restock from weekend sales at all major retailers. The other nights will be on a schedule determined by their warehouse distributor. Best advice is just to ask someone who works in the toy department for that store.

    • Twiggy says:

      On Target, it depends when their flow team decides to stock their product, each Target can be different depending on a few factors, one main being if it is deemed an “overnight” store (people come in to start work 12 midnightish (overnight stores are high volume Targets, so if you live by one, chances are you are good to go once the doors open.) If it is not, they come in at 4am, by the time the truck is unloaded and they get to the floor and decide where to stock it is basically a toss up. Usually they have a set schedule, my Target usually doesn’t even get to toys until 10am or so now. They used to stock them first thing before we opened during the Christmas season to avoid the crowds, but not anymore. Like a previous post said, talk to someone who works in the toy department. Most are pretty helpful! Good luck!

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    How can I save more on my insurance premiums?

  • tricia says:

    When are the case D 3 packs coming out? What about the new launchers (mood springs, fiber fuel, and easy idle)?

  • Branco says:

    Error, or correction?

    Mario Andretti red wheels!

    I called, Mattel-uk, to inform me about the validity of the promotion and I discovered that the Mattel-UK don’t provides CARS, for the Disney Store.
    They produce, or order for themselves
    I only find the red wheel (Mario Andretti) in the Disney Store!

    There may be a possibility that they produced different from the original?

    Who can answer?

    ps. Disney Store, did not participate in the promotion!


    • King of Cars says:

      Hi Branco,

      As far as I know Red Wheels Mario has shipped in all european A-Case ROR. We have several in our store. Is a funny case with 18 McQueens total (of which are 4 “Chase” Impound McQueens) and 12 other Cars.

      Hope this helps.



      • Branco says:

        Thank you, Wilgert!
        By the way, let me know about your store!..

        ps. I’m not looking for 18 McQueens…. rsrs..

        • King of Cars says:

          Glad to help. Its the Makro (dutch Wholesale firm, part of Metro International).

          Btw, it’s not my store (I wish…) but I work there as Head-replanishment Food but the Non-Food is just around the corner so I check there sometimes πŸ˜‰

      • cars-in-your-eyes says:

        The european A case I found had brown wheels Mario – it is box B that has red wheels! (And that’s about all that is interesting in that case)

        Found case C the other day at the Disney Store with Impound Boost, Edwin Kranks and Tank Coat Pitty. πŸ™‚

  • kevin roche says:


  • chaisson says:

    can mattel start putting out more movie moments like flik and p.t. flea and mia and tia red version? that would make all collectors happy

  • megaheat2008 says:


    • kevin roche says:

      well here is my 2 cents, i doubt it, as far as the finish line before the 2nd movie. you said it best MATTEL IS A COMPANY PRODUCING GOODS FOR PROFIT WE AS THE CONSUMERS WANT SUPPLIED ,WE ARE DEMANDING THEREFORE WE CAN’T WAIT BUT WE DO.

      and dont forget, every movie always has new character’s, im sure the paint schemes on some of the piston cup cars will change, like maybe apple will be yellow or red now and will be available like leakless or no stall, remember they have to replace king as he retired so make room for the new hot shot that will be the new apple–not out yet or very hard to find, dont forget they have been screwing with us for ever, remember the sidewall promo, look at all the peg warmers we bought just for 1 car, and n20–buy the peg warmers and now thet are putting it out as a launcher, we may never see all the piston cup cars

  • megaheat2008 says:


  • megaheat2008 says:

    real questions people real questions only……..

  • kevin roche says:

    question number 1
    where are all of the piston cup racers, easy idle, mood springs, fiber fuel and so on

    question 2
    the gaskits car promo, does it exist or was it pre-mature and uncovered before it was ready to come out.

    question 3
    do you have the winning lottery numbers for this weekends power ball and or lotto for florida..

    • kevin roche says:

      sorry one more big question,
      what happens to all of the redundant peg warmers, like the plain lightnings-ramones doc hudsons, will they end up in the bargin bins or will they have another peg warmer sale for the apple icar, but this time, buy any 10 of ramone-lightnig or doc hudson and get a free apple i car–SUPPLIES LIMITED

  • PirateDad says:

    Is there a Gov’t bail out plan for small wood working firms who have to lay all their employees off next month in order to stretch the orders out further and make them do more with less???

  • Mr. T says:

    Do not question the all knowing, all seeing MET. We do not question his knowledge – it is LAW! mostly anyway…..

    Here is my question – can you do something about the distribution problem – both in the cases and the stores??

  • Lenin says:

    What came first the Chicken or the Egg??

  • pw_cc_runner says:


    Do you have a source directly inside Mattel? I’ve always been baffled as to how your get your information so far in advanced.

  • BrianD says:

    I know Mattel would never just make a case of new cars but…. why couldn’t Mattel ship a case of mostly new cars with a few McQ’s or some of the older ones to keep the collectors happy?

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