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Dr. Grordbort’s Rayguns Courtesy of WETA Are Out of This World

Cheesy headlines aside, haven’t you ever wanted to own a raygun? Or at least one that looks and feels like it was a close to a real one as possible?

Well, the good folks that helped bring The Lord of the Rings and its slate of collectibles to life have created a new division down in Kiwi-land to help build an array of incredibly detailed limited editions raygun collectibles worthy of display.

Dr. Grordbort’s Rayguns

Dubbed “Doctor Grordbort’s Infallible Aether Oscillators” these Rayguns are created as limited edition pieces. They will be making only 500 of each gun worldwide, all of which will be handcrafted and made out of metal with some glass parts. Every Raygun comes with its own velvet lined pressed tin case, Certificate of Authenticity and an assortment of implements and crafting tools.

Here is the Manmelter 3600ZX Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol:

manmelter box

Not only that, these weapons are not made in Hong Kong out of skimpy metal or painted plastic.  These suckers weigh in at over 7 pounds each and are no light investment by weight or by cost unfortunately (these babies will set you back $690 + tax U.S.).  The rayguns are being limited to runs of only 500 signed and numbered editions.

A catalogue for reviewing and purchasing these limited edition rayguns called “Doctor Grordbort’s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory” can be purchased in January 2008 for under $20. Items such as getting ammunition for your Manmelter which takes Phlogiston and Compressed Aether phials can be ordered through the Doctor’s the upcoming Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory.

A smaller and less detailed Miniature Manmelter was put up for sale as an exclusive at this year’s past Comicon and the 500 short run quickly sold out (and was a steal for $30).

Lots of fun artwork and even a short film can be found at the main web site here where you can gaze your eyes on the lovely Moon Mistress:

Moon Mistress

All hail the Manmelter!  Death to Venusians!

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