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TakeFive Makes You Money – Starbucks Stainless Steel Card Hot on eBay!

See, if you listened, we posted the special Starbucks Stainless Steel Gift card – available for $450 for $400 worth of Starbucks plus free gold membership of coffee and snacks …

NOW, a few days later, most are re-selling for $1,000 or a listing for $8,000 …

“Cards with an asking price in the range of $1,000 are getting between 23 and 45 bids … The top auction offering price for the silvery cards is $4,000, followed by $2,495. If you want to buy it now, and money is no object, you can pay as much as $8,000 for a stainless steel Starbucks gift card …”

You can read more at the Seattle BizJournal.

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13 December 2012 Food 3 Comments


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