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The Ultimate: Starbucks Stainless Steel Card + Upgrade

At 3 PM PT/noon Eastern today, Gilt.com will offer a $400 dollar value limited edition stainless steel Starbucks card for $450.

In addition, you get an auto upgrade to GOLD MEMBERSHIP – Gold membership to the rewards program includes perks such a free birthday drink and a free drink or food item after the purchase of 12 drinks. Customers normally need to make 30 transactions a month to get gold membership.

It’s a reloadable card so once you have drank/drunk your way through $400 dollars of coffee (hopefully not before December ends), you will always have a weaponized Starbucks card.

And in case you thought there was not enough Starbucks (I know! Sometimes I have to actually cross the street!), they are going to add another 1,300 more stores in the next 5 years.

You can read more at Huffington Post.

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7 December 2012 Food 2 Comments


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